July 31st


August 20, 2022

July 31st is the 212th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (213th day in a leap year). There are 153 days left in the year. According to a survey by the Population Register Center, July 31 is the most common birthday for Finns born in the 21st century.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Helena, Elena Finnish-Swedish calendar: Helena orthodox calendar: Kim, Kimmo Sami calendar: Heleainná, Helená in older calendars: Elin, German, Germundus, Heli, Helma, Hermann, Hermannus


1423 – Hundred Years' War: The French army loses the Battle of Cravant on the banks of the Yonne River. 1498 – Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover the island of Trinidad on his third voyage of discovery to the Western Hemisphere. 1602 – Marshal Charles de Gontaut was executed in the Bastille on charges of treason. 1667 – The Peace Treaty of Breda ended the Second Anglo-Dutch War. 1703 - Daniel Defoe was imprisoned after publishing a blasphemous piece of political satire, but flowers were thrown at him. 1790 – In the United States, the country's first patent was granted to inventor Samuel Hopkins. 1793 – Oulu Castle was destroyed in the explosion of a powder cellar. 1856 - Christchurch, New Zealand was granted city rights. 1914 − Finland was declared under martial law after the outbreak of the First World War. 1917 – World War I: The Third Battle of Ypres, or the Battle of Passchendaele, began in Flanders. 1919 – The Weimar Constitution was adopted by the German National Assembly (it took effect on August 14). 1941 – The Holocaust: Following Adolf Hitler's instructions, Hermann Göring ordered Reinhard Heydrich to "prepare for me as soon as possible a general plan of the administrative and financial measures necessary for the desired final solution of the Jewish question." 1945 - Pierre Laval, fugitive leader of Vichy France, surrenders to Allied forces in Austria. 1948 – New York International Airport (later renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport) was inaugurated at Idlewild Field in New York City. 1964 - Space exploration: The Ranger program. Ranger 7 sent the first close-up pictures of the Moon (pictures were a thousand times more precise than those taken by any ground-based telescope). 1971 - Space exploration: The Apollo program. Apollo 15 astronauts were the first drivers of the Lunar Rover. 1973 – Aviation: A Delta Airlines jetliner crashes in fog at Logan Airport in Boston; 89 people were killed. 1975 - Jimmy Hoffa, president of the American Trucking Workers Union, was reported missing in Detroit, Michigan. 1976 - Space exploration: Nasa released the famous photo taken by Viking 1 of the face on Mars ("Face on Mars"). 1992 – Aviation: A Thai Airways International Airbus A300-310 crashed into a mountain south of Kathmandu, Nepal; 113 people were killed. 1994 – Serhi Bubka set a pole vault world record of 614 cm in Sestriere, Italy. 2004 – Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen married model Jenni Dahlman at Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna. 2006 - Cuban dictator Fidel Castro temporarily handed over the presidency to his brother Raúl Castro due to sudden intestinal surgery. 2012 – Bruce Springsteen performed the longest concert of his career (officially 4 hours and 6 minutes) in Finland at the Olympic Stadium on the Wrecking Ball tour.


1396 – Philip III the Good, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1467) 1526 – August, Elector of Saxony (d. 1586) 1527 – Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor 1564–1576 (d. 1576) 1763 – Johan Henrik Tawast, Finnish-Swedish count, diplomat and general (d. 1841) 1800 – Friedrich Wöhler, German chemist (d. 1882) 1803 – John Ericsson, Swedish inventor and engineer (d.