August 6


August 20, 2022

According to the Gregorian calendar, August 6 is the 218th day of the year (219th day in a leap year). There are 147 days left in the year.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Do it, Keimo Finnish-Swedish calendar: Sixten Sami calendar: Uđđi in older calendars: Dominicus, Ezechias, Sistus, Sirkka, Sixtus


1538 - The Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada founded Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. 1806 – The Holy Roman Empire officially ceased to exist after the last emperor Francis II abdicated. 1825 – Bolivia gained independence from Peru. 1855 – Oolanni War: the first enemy ships arrived off Viapor. 1890 – The first execution in the electric chair was carried out in New York. 1905 – The working population of Helsinki organized a large demonstration in Senatintor. At the event, the petitions prepared by Matti Turkia in Finnish and Swedish were read from six lecterns, demanding that the Grand Duchy of Finland be granted unlimited self-determination. In addition, it was demanded that the Parliament should be convened to enact, as its first task, "universal and equal suffrage" to strengthen "the struggle of our people for their independent existence". 1926 - Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim across the English Channel. 1940 – Estonia was officially annexed to the Soviet Union. 1945 – World War II: A nuclear bomb was detonated in Hiroshima. 1962 – Jamaica became independent. 1991 – The World Wide Web (www) opens. 1996 – The Ramones played their last concert. 1996 – First Chechen War: Chechen fighters attack Grozny and take most of it within hours. 2011 - Riots broke out in London's Tottenham. 2012 – NASA's Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars.


1638 – Nicolas Malebranche, French philosopher (d. 1715) 1651 – François Fénelon, French bishop and writer (d. 1715) 1697 – Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1745) 1766 – William Hyde Wollaston, English chemist (d. 1828) 1775 – Daniel O'Connell, Irish lawyer and politician (d. 1847) 1789 – Friedrich List, German economist (d. 1846) 1798 – Anton Delvig, Russian poet (d. 1831) 1809 – Alfred Tennyson, English poet (“The Lady of Shalott”) (d. 1892) 1868 – Paul Claudel, French writer (d. 1955) 1881 – Alexander Fleming, Scottish scientist who won the 1945 Nobel Prize in Medicine (inventor of penicillin) (d. 1955) 1889 – Uuno Eskola, Finnish stage designer, visual artist, actor and writer (d. 1958) 1891 – William Slim, British military officer (d. 1970) 1900 – Cecil Howard Green, British-born American geophysicist (founder of Texas Instruments) (d. 2003) 1911 – Lucille Ball, American actress (The Lucy Show) (d. 1989) 1916 - Dom Mintoff, Prime Minister of Malta (d. 2012) 1917 – Robert Mitchum, American actor and singer (Rag Doll) (d. 1997) 1924 – Jaakko Pöyry, Finnish doctor of technology and influencer in the forestry sector (founder of Pöyry Oyj) (d. 2006) 1925 – Stig-Göran Myntti, Finnish soccer and ice hockey player (d. 2020) 1928 – Andrew Warhola ("Andy Warhol"), American artist (d. 1987) 1932 - Anneli Helena Pakkasvirta ("Anneli Sauli"), Finnish actress (Hilja - milk girl) (d. 2022) 1934 - Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob ("Piers Anthony"), English science fiction writer (Child of the Sun) 1936 – Dražan Jerković, Croatian footballer (d. 2008) 1937 – Charlie Haden, American jazz pianist (d. 2014) 1949 – Olli Ahvenlahti, Finnish conductor, composer and pianist 1950 – Dorian Harewood, American actor and singer 1952 - Vincent John Cusano ("Vinnie