Anneli Sauli


August 19, 2022

Anneli Helena Sauli (from 1965 real name Pakkasvirta, born Savolainen, from 1956 to 1965 Lindman, in Germany under the stage name Ann Savo; August 6, 1932 Pyhäjoki – March 15, 2022 Helsinki) was a Finnish actress.


Having worked as a film actor, Sauli's first role was the part of a young girl in the film Me tulemme again in 1953, and he made his breakthrough as a big star in the same year in the title role of the film Hilja – maitotyttö. At that time, Anneli Savolainen started using the stage name Anneli Sauli. The erotic charge of the film caused comparisons to Harriet Andersson and Brigitte Bardot in Finland. In the films that followed Hilja, such as Risti ja liekki (1957), Miriam (1957) and The Girl in the Snowy Forest, Sauli considers that the women he portrayed were often the targets of male power. As Finnish cinema faded in the 1960s, Sauli started working in Germany. Sauli acted in about 40 films, ten of which he made in Germany under the name Ann Savo. He had more than ten female leads in Finland. Sauli is also remembered for his roles in the television series Hovimäki and Käenpesä. Anneli Sauli worked as an actress in the Joensuu City Theater from 1971 to 1996. Sauli was brought to Joensuu by the then theater manager Jouko Turkka, who Sauli has said saved his fading career. On the stage, Sauli says that he received appreciation that film roles have not always brought with him. In addition to appearing in films and theater, Anneli Sauli often brought up her background as a Romani and as an activist in the labor movement and as a communist. He was ethnically Finnish-Roma on his father's side, and for a long time he was a member of the Finnish Roma Association (now Suomen Romaniyhdistys) and edited its information and membership magazine. Sauli took part in the 2007 parliamentary elections as a SKP candidate, but was not elected after receiving 272 votes. In the 2011 elections, she received 75 votes. In 2010, Anneli Sauli was awarded the state prize for art, which was worth 15,000 euros. She received the Betoni-Juss 2013 award for her life's work as a film actress. Sauli was married to Åke Lindman in 1956–1962 and to Jaakko Pakkasvirta in 1965–1968. He has a daughter Johanna (b. 1965). Together with Tuula-Liina Varis, he wrote the memoir Elämäni on minun (1993).


Here We Come Again (1953) Hush - The Milkmaid (1953) Control Yourself (1954) Two Old Lumberjacks (1954) I'll Call You Tonight (1954) Pekka and Pätkä on the Trail of the Snowman (1954) Beautiful Kaarina (1955) From Cockcrow to Cockcrow (1955) Something in a Man (1956) 1918 - A Man and His Conscience (1957) No Tomorrow (1957) Miriam (1957) The Cross and the Flame (1957) The Blessed Colonel (1958) Across Two Lanes (1958) The Girl in the Snowy Woods (1958) No Bodies in the Bedroom (1959) On a Space Rocket for Love (1959) The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1962) The Report or the Ballad of Ship Girls (1964) The X-Baron (1964) The Avengers from London (1964) Gambling (1965) A Cone Under Your Back (1966) Don't Overcome Perhana (1968) The Condition (1970) Betrayal (1988) To the Unknown God (1993) Time of Grace (1998) Debt of Honor (2002) A Man Without a Past (2002) Ganes (2007) The Tempest (2008) Encounters (2009) Elma and Lisa (2011)

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Timo Humaloja: Prisoner of the Gaze (2010)


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