Christina Applegate


November 30, 2021

Christina Applegate (born November 25, 1971 in Hollywood, California) is an American actress. She starred in Kelly Bundy’s comedy series Puzzles from 1987-1997.


Christina Applegate was only three months old when she first appeared on television. She was in the arms of her mother, actress Nancy Priddy, in the episode of The Soap Days Taken. Christina's father was record producer Bobby Applegate. Nancy Priddy and Bobby Applegate divorced, and Nancy raised her daughter alone. The applegate was 15 when she got the role in the television series Puzzles. In the 11-season situation comedy, Applegate starred in the family’s simple daughter, Kelly Bundy. With the help of the puzzles, he also made some films, including the 1991 comedy Help! In the late 1990s, Applegate sought to stand out from Kelly Bundy’s character. His films included Comedy The Big Hit and Jane Austen's Mafia! Apple’s new television series was also Jesse, which began in 1998, in which she starred between a work-and-family single mother. The series was inspired by Applegate’s own youth with her mother. The series was discontinued after two production seasons. After that, he starred in the films Rada (2002), Top Views (2003) and News Anchor: Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). Applegate also visited the television series Frendit, where she played Rachel Green’s sister Amy. Applegate won the Emmy Award for her role in 2003 and was nominated again in 2004.Appplegate’s next situation comedy series was Samantha, which began in 2007 and was shown only two seasons, despite some great success. The series Up All Night was also shown two seasons. In the 2010s, Applegate starred in the films News Anchor 2: Legend Continues (2013), Holiday (2015) and Bad Moms (2016), among others. In 2019, in turn, began the black comedy Dead to Me.Applegate has served as chairman of the Breast Cancer Association. She supports animal rights and PETA. In 2009, People magazine named Applegate the most beautiful person in the world.


In 2008, Applegate contracted breast cancer. Both breasts were removed when the BRCA1 gene, which predisposes to breast cancer, was found in her. In 2017, she also had her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed to reduce her risk of cancer. MS was diagnosed with applegate in the summer of 2021. The applegate was married to actor Jonathan Schaech from 2001 to 2005. Applegate and musician Martyn LeNoble had a daughter in 2011 and married two years later.



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