Eija Pokkinen


October 18, 2021

Eija Pokkinen (born 6 December 1939 in Kirvu) is a Finnish actress, model and translator of films and books. Pokkinen has starred in Risto Jarva's films Holiday and the Year of the Rabbit, Jaakko Pakkasvirta in the film The Green Widow and later as Jouko's mother in the series Iron Age. In addition to acting, she has worked as a photographic model and mannequin in Paris, among other places. Pokkinen has translated a large number of films, especially in English, Italian and French, as well as literature from comics and children's books into non-fiction and adult fiction.


Pokkinen, Eija: A shiny girl. Memoirs. Jyväskylä: Docendo, 2019. ISBN 978-952-291-658-7


The Enchanted Child 2004 Iron Age 1982 Year of the Rabbit 1977 Small Folk Songs (Short Film) 1977 Holiday 1976 Distance USA, 1975 Summer Rebellion 1970 Iron Heroes 1969 Ne jouez pas avec les Martiens 1968 Pockpicket - Excerpts from the life of a Helsinki bourgeois youth (Short film) 1968 Green Widow 1967 Game of Chance 1965 Sources


Malmi, Timo: “Distances and escapism”, interview with Eija Pokkinen. Movie Crazy 4/2017.

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