Film year 1975


October 18, 2021

This article deals with films released during 1975 and significant events in the film world. New movies Barry Lyndon Challenger Sweaty afternoon Kalman Rally 2000 Cold shivers Mirror Professor Uuno D. G. Turhapuro The Rocky Horror Picture Show Rollerball Sherlock Holmes' flickering brother Simplifier Blessed madness After autumn Killer shark The return of the pink panther One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Finland's Most Viewed 1975

The films that received the most theaters in Finland in 1975 were: Killer Shark (1975), 587,507 spectators Professor Uuno D. G. Turhapuro (1975), 455,739 spectators Beauty and the Beast (1955), 312,625 spectators A Man Who Could Not Say No (1975), 282,251 spectators Flaming Tower (1974), 264,088 spectators The Godfather Part II (1974), 228,008 viewers Chinatown (1974), 169,977 viewers Broken Heart Gap (1975), 143,585 spectators Alice no longer lives here (1974), 131,074 spectators Blown in 60 seconds (1974), 127,444 spectators Sources

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Film Year 1975 in the Internet Movie Database (in English)

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