Distance (movie)


October 18, 2021

Distance is a 1975 American independent film directed by Anthony Lover.


The events take place in mid-1950s Georgia. Elwood Horne, an African-American staff member of the local garrison, has brought his Caucasian wife Greta from Germany while working there at a U.S. base. The marriage has cooled, and Greta Horne beats her eyes at Larry Vincent, who is serving as her husband's assistant.

In roles


The film was shot in Savannah and Hinesville, Georgia, USA.


According to Helsingin Sanomat's Mikael Fränt, Distance is an ambitious short film reminiscent of everyday filming of television in the late 1950s. He finds the structure of the film a bit rough, but writes that Eija Pokkinen will cope with her difficult role with all honor. The film premiered in Finland on November 23, 1979 at Cinema on Museokatu in Helsinki. It got 188 spectators. Sources

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