Gustavo Petro


July 6, 2022

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego (born April 19, 1960 in Ciénaga de Oro, Córdoba, Colombia) is a Colombian politician and the country's president who will take office on August 7, 2022. He won the presidential election held in June 2022 after receiving 50.5 percent of the votes cast in the second, decisive round, compared to 47.3 percent for his opponent, Rodolfo Hernández. Petro is Colombia's first left-wing president in the country's history. His vice president will be Francia Márquez, a well-known environmental activist and feminist who will become Colombia's first black woman to hold the position of vice president. Petro has previously served as the mayor of Bogota and was a former guerilla of the left-wing M-19 guerrilla organization. Petro spent 16 months in prison for illegal possession of weapons. After that, Petro rose through the ranks of various parties through the House of Representatives of Congress to the Senate and the mayor of the capital, Bogotá. He is married for the third time and has five children.


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