Harri Manner


December 8, 2021

Harri Manner (1945 Helsinki - 2021) was a Finnish graphic artist, illustrator and author. As a graphic artist, Harri Manner is also known for his outrageous bold logo from the record company Love Records. In the early 1990s, Manner drew a series of caricatures of Finnish politicians entitled Man is a Political Animal. In addition to many book covers and illustrations, Manner also emerged as a writer in the 21st century. His great performance on the satirical novel Satirizing Contemporary Art Circles in 2005 was also made into a TV film of the same name produced by Yleisradio and directed by Tapio Piirainen in 2008, in which Manner plays a small role. Literary works Source: Book shampoo One gentleman once said, Artemisia Edizioni 2001 The prodigy Eino gets to know the royal family, Artemisia Edizioni 2002 Ars 2005, Perspectives on Contemporary Art, Nastamuumio 2003 Great performance, ie how Jaakko Tolvan became a conceptual artist, WSOY 2005. ISBN 9789510302422 If and When, WSOY 2010. ISBN 9789510333891. Humpatti is looking for a home, Hieronymus & Arctic Banana 2016. ISBN 9789522702784 The Sailor Goes In The Bath & The Mystery Of The One-Eyed Angler, Hieronymus 2016. ISBN 9789526847702 Einari, Girls and Kennedy, Arctic Banana 2016. ISBN 9789522702968 In books and covers - pictures and descriptions from four decades, Hieronymus 2016. ISBN 9789526847719


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