Huvimatka Evolution


November 30, 2021

Huvimatka Aavasaksa is a board game published in 1862, which was published in both Finnish and Swedish. The name of the Swedish edition is Lustfärd till Avasaksa. The game is also published under the name Huviretki Aavasaksalle. Suomen Julkisia Sanomia described the game as follows on December 22, 1862: »A new children's game called“ Hobby Journey to Open Germany ”has now entered the bookstore at the expense of G. W. Edlund. Each box contains one drawing, either of a Finnish farm, a city, a Finnish place known for its natural beauty, ie its historical memories, or other Finnish relations. This is how the Hämeenlinna railway, the Hattelmala ridge, the Alawuus, the Runeberg hut, one salmon dam, one Kaski, one sotawanhus, etc. are seen here. The game is followed by a short story in both Swedish and Finnish, written very carefully and accompanied by a young traveler neuwowa on the marking of each drawing. Let the grandparents keep this good game in their memory! - Price 40 kopecks » The game contains, among other things, one of the oldest images depicting the city of Oulu. The game was illustrated by Finnish-Swedish artist Hilda Olson (1832–1916), who came from Uusikaarlepyy. Olson is also known for his work on science topics. Olson's Illustrations of Spiders, including works depicting spiders, have been archived in the Finnish Museum of Natural History. On the other hand, it is known that Hilda Olson published several board games during her lifetime, for which she also wrote rules. The author of the rules and rhymes of the game is thus not entirely certain. The illustrations in the game follow the pictures of Finland framställdt i teckningar, edited by Topelius in many places. However, the images are not identical to their role models, as in many places the buildings have been photographed from different angles. There are also pictures in the game that are missing from Finland framställt i teckningar.


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