July 6, 2022

Spawning, or spawning, is a family method of reproduction used by most aquatic animals, such as fish and frogs. Rotten eggs related to spawning can also be called spawning.

Fish Spawn

Fish spawn at a certain time of the year, usually in spring in Finland, so that the female lays rotten eggs in a suitable place, for example in a stone hole. The dogs then lay their eggs on the eggs to fertilize them. Spawning often takes place in the flowing parts of the water body, where the fish rise separately to spawn. Salmon are usually autumn spawners. Pacific salmon often spawn only once, after which they die. Made spawns under the ice in January. Catching fish from the kudu is often quite easy, and it may have been restricted to protect stocks by, for example, local regulations.

Spawning of amphibians

Amphibians also have similar spawning behavior.


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