Bird hips


July 6, 2022

Ornithischia was one of the two extinct clades of dinosaurs, whose representatives were mainly herbivores and had pelvises similar to those of birds. However, birds evolved from lizards, another group of dinosaurs, and therefore do not belong to birds.


Classification of bird hips according to Benton (2004): Sect ORNITHISCHIA family Pisanosauridae family Fabrosauridae suborder Thyreophora - (armored dinosaurs) family Scelidosauridae suborder Stegosauria suborder Ankylosaurus suborder Cerapoda family Heterodontosauridae suborder Ornithopoda family Hypsilophodontidae* Iguanodontia family Hadrosauridae - (duck-like dinosaurs) suborder Pachycephalosauria suborder Ceratopsia - (horned dinosaurs) Classification according to Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. (2011): Ornithischia Eocursor Fabrosaurus Pisanosaurus Taveirosaurus Trimucrodon Heterodontosauridae Thyreophora Stegosaurus Huayangosauridae Stegosauridae Ankylosaur Nodosauridae Ankylosauridae Neornithischia Ornithopoda Thescelosauridae Iguanodontia Rhabdodontidae Dryosauridae Camptosauridae Hadrosauridae Marginocephaly Pachycephalosauria Ceratopsia Chaoyangsauridae Psittacosauridae Neoceratops Leptoceratopsidae Bagaceratopsidae Protoceratopsidae Ceratopsidae

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