List of ministers in the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture


May 28, 2022

This is a list of ministers who served in the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Churches and Education in 1918–1922, Ministry of Education in 1922–2010). The list lists both the (first) ministers of education leading the ministry and separately the other ministers in the ministry, most often named "Minister of Culture" or one of its derivatives. The list includes both ministers who have served full-time in the ministry and ministers who have served in other ministries whose territory has covered only some of the matters falling within the ministry's remit.

First Minister

The title of Minister leading the Ministry has, as a rule, been the Minister of Education (from 1918 to 1922 the Minister of Churches and Education, according to the former name of the Ministry). An exception to this is the Minister of Education and Culture, appointed at the beginning of Sipilä's government, whose portfolio covered all areas of the ministry. The Minister of Education has, as the name implies, most often covered matters related to education, such as pre-primary, primary and secondary education, and higher education. Sometimes, for example, vocational education or higher education is differentiated for another minister in the Ministry of Education and Culture: for example, in the governments of Rinte and Marin, which started in 2019, higher education is the responsibility of the Minister of Science and Culture.

Second Minister

The second Ministry of Education and Culture is usually responsible for culture, sports and youth issues, as well as issues related to copyright and student support. Often, responsibilities have also included ecclesiastical affairs and sometimes also matters traditionally the responsibility of the Minister of Education, such as matters relating to vocational training or higher education. In the Ministry of Education, he was Deputy Minister in Ingman II's government from 1924 to 1925. After that, the next minister, in addition to the actual Minister of Education, did not come until 1970, when a minister in the Ministry of Education was appointed to the Karelian II government. The title of the second minister has varied across governments. First the informal title, later the Minister of Culture, later the Minister of Culture and Sports.

Secondary Ministers

The following ministers in other ministries have been responsible for some aspects of the Ministry of Education and Culture: