July 6, 2022

A patron (lat. maecenas) is a patron of art, artists and sometimes also scientists and their financial supporter. Support can be direct donations and various scholarships or buying or ordering the artist's works in order to secure a sufficient level of income. The most famous patrons have been the Medici family in Florence during the Renaissance and the Roman Gaius Maecenas, who gave the patrons their name. Today, instead of private individuals, the patrons are often foundations and states, which typically distribute grants based on applications.

Finnish patrons

Emil Aaltonen Antti Ahlström Amos Anderson Maire Gullichsen Miriam Helin Niklas Herlin Sara Hildén Heikki Huhtamäki By Alfred Kordel Juho Lallukka Launo Laakkonen Lauri Nautela Hanna Nurminen Saastamoinen family (Saastamoinen Foundation) Vexi Strait Gösta Serlachius Kauko Sorjonen Gösta Stenman Frithiof Tikanoja


Mesenáat (a documentary film about the life of Sara Hildén)

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