Black swallowfish


November 30, 2021

The black perch (Chiasmodon niger) is a species of perch. It is found in deep waters of temperate and warm oceans.

Size and appearance

Black-throated perch can grow to a maximum length of 25–33 cm. The body is elongated and slender. The fish has two dorsal fins, the pectoral fins are long and the caudal fin is branched. The mouth of the black perch is large and the mouth opens wide, the teeth are sharp. The stomach and intestines of the species can stretch so that the black-throated perch is able to eat larger prey. The fish is black in color and has light organs in its body. Prevalence and lifestyle The distribution range for black scabbardfish is very wide. It is found in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean in temperate and warm waters. Fish fry live close to the surface but adult individuals move in deep waters at depths of almost four kilometers. The species feeds on fish and can be up to four times the length of the black perch. Very large catches may rot before the black-throated perch has time to digest them, which can cause the fish's intestines to burst due to the gases formed.


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