Help: Creating a new article


May 28, 2022

Anyone can start a new article. You don't need a username to create an article, but then the editor's IP address appears in the article's edit history. If you have a username, you can choose to make the article first on your own subpage (note: not on the user page) and copy it ready into the article space. You can also practice general editing with the sandbox first. Note that once you publish an article, other users will see it and can start editing it. New articles appear in recent changes and new pages on their own action page.

Before you start the article

Use the Wikipedia search feature to check if an article with a different name already exists for that topic. You may want to read Wikipedia's Significance Policy and the page What is not Wikipedia, as not all topics are suitable for the encyclopedia. Articles that are clearly inappropriate for Wikipedia will be removed quickly, and articles of unclear relevance can be the subject of a relevance discussion. The article does not have to be very long at once, but only the so-called Pike on fish articles can be removed quickly if they are not expanded soon. It is important to mark reliable sources of information in the article so that the information on the page can be reviewed. For the structure of the content of the article, see the Help page First article or the structure of the article in more detail. You can also see the style guide for instructions on naming your article.

Other things to consider

Write in a neutral style; Wikipedia is not an ad slot. Text published elsewhere may only be copied to Wikipedia in exceptional cases, see Wikipedia: Copyright.

Start article

Via Wikipedia search

If you search Wikipedia for a page that doesn't exist, you'll see a red link that you can click to start a new article.

Red links

If you see a red link in an article and would like to make an article on that topic, you can access the page by clicking on the page where you can make an article on that topic. You can also make a red link to a suitable article or sandbox with two square brackets: [[Name of the page you want]]. However, don’t make unnecessary red links to articles. The red link will also work without saving in the preview if you can't find a suitable place to add it.

Article Templates

Article templates allow you to create an article using a ready-made template that loads as a base for a new article. Some topics have their own article templates.

Browser address bar

You can also create a page by adding the name of the page you want to your browser's address bar: of the page you want.

Creation Box

To create an article, type its name in the box below and click "Create Article."

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