Olavi Rinteenpää


January 19, 2022

Olavi Osvald Rinteenpää (September 24, 1924 in Helsinki - January 10, 2022) was a Finnish hurdles and endurance runner. The slope was one of the best 3,000-meter hurdles in the world in the first half of the 1950s. He won the European Championships in hurdles in Bern in 1954 with a result of 8.52.4. He had ran fourth in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics (8,55.60). At the 1956 Melbourne Championships, Rinteenpää was eliminated in the first round and was ninth (8.52.6) at the 1958 European Championships in Stockholm. The slope head ran on July 2, 1953 in Helsinki for 8.44.4. It was a new world and European record and broke Horace Ashenfelter’s ME by a second and Petar Šegedin’s EE by 3.4 seconds. However, official ratification of the record did not begin until the following year. Jerzy Chromik was the first to run under the Slope in August 1955. Rinteenpää won the long distance (10 km) Finnish championship in the peak year of 1953. On November 22, 1953, he ran eighth in the international cross-country races in Brussels. At the club level, he represented Helsinki's Kisa-Veikko. At the time of his death, Rinteenpää was the oldest surviving Finnish Olympic athlete.



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