Petri Honkonen


May 28, 2022

Petri Erkki Olavi Honkonen (born 29 July 1987 in Pylkönmäki) has been a Finnish politician and Member of Parliament representing the Center Party of Finland since 2015. He is a subject teacher in history and social studies. In September 2019, he was elected Vice Chairman of the Center Party of Finland. Honkonen has been the chairman of the Finland-Russia Society since 2020. He was appointed Minister of Science and Culture on April 29, 2022, after Antti Kurvinen became Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

Education and career

Honkonen graduated from Saarijärvi High School in 2006 and received a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Jyväskylä in 2014. He has worked as a project coordinator, parliamentary assistant, subject teacher and agricultural interlocutor.

Political activity

Honkonen was elected Member of Parliament in the 2015 parliamentary elections in the Central Finland constituency and belongs to the Center Party's parliamentary group. He started as a representative on April 22, 2015. Previously, Honkonen has been a candidate in the 2014 European Parliament elections. He has been Saarijärvi City Councilor since 2013. Honkonen is a member of the Education Committee and the Environment Committee, as well as an alternate member of the Working Life and Equality Committee. He is a member of the Finnish delegation to the Nordic Council and an alternate member of the Finnish delegation to the Council of Europe. In September 2015, he was elected chairman of the network of young parliamentarians. In September 2019, he was elected vice-chairman of the Center Party of Finland. In August 2020, Honkonen ran for the Center for the Presidency. Honkonen was elected President of the Finland-Russia Society on September 26, 2020.



According to Honkonen, municipalities must invest in library, museum and cultural services. In Honkonen's opinion, cultural and museum services build Finnish culture. Honkonen has also advocated increasing the number of places to start higher education in provincial universities. In Honkonen's view, the atmosphere in Finland is stagnant with regard to religious freedom. According to Honkonen, a small minority has no right to prevent the practice of other traditions. According to Honkonen, a non-church minority does not have to participate in the Christmas celebration, but the National Board of Education must guarantee the freedom of the Christian majority to celebrate the traditional Christian Christmas celebration in schools.

Agriculture and forestry

According to Honkonen, Finland has the most advanced forest legislation in the world.

Regional policy

According to Honkonen, the SOTE reform is necessary because otherwise tax rates will have to be raised. According to Honkonen, the Coalition Party is afraid of transferring money from the cities of the south to the provinces. In 2021, Honkonen suggested that people had chosen decentralization with their own decisions and that the current would lead to a looser Finland.


Honkonen lives in the village of Kalmar in Saarijärvi. She has one child.


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