Kick bike


October 18, 2021

The kick bike (impeller) is the forerunner of the bike. It sits in the saddle, steering the vehicle, but the kinetic energy is not transmitted from the legs to the wheels through the pedals, but in such a way that the driver kicks the legs with more momentum. Today, kick bikes are made mainly for toddlers to learn cycling. You can learn to keep your balance with a kick bike. A bicycle with auxiliary trolleys is suitable for learning to pedal.


The German Baron Karl Draisin is known to have patented in 1817 the first wooden vehicle remotely reminiscent of a bicycle in some way, a kick bike called a draisin. This model lacked pedals, and the movement was achieved by kicking off the ground. Indeed, the kick bike and its numerous imitations in the 19th century were quickly ridiculed by the English as a “dandy-horse” precisely because of this impractical movement.

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Islabikes Jupiter Strider (United States, South Dakota)

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