November 30, 2021

Pukkila (formerly Savijoki, old Swedish Buckila) is a municipality in Uusimaa. The municipality is home to 1,844 people and covers an area of ​​145.94 km², of which 145.09 km² is land and the remaining 0.85 km² is inland water. Pukkila has previously been called Savijoki and, in colloquial language, Vähä-Porvooka. Pukkila is the smallest municipality in the province of Uusimaa in terms of population. Pukkila got its own church around 1606 and Porvoo Evangelical Lutheran parish chapel status around 1640. My own priest was admitted to the chapel parish in 1676. Pukkila's first church was renovated in 1677. The priest's office was completed in 1701. The chapel was independent At the same time, in 1814, the first church in Pukkila was demolished, which was three hundred meters north of the second. The first renovation of the second church in Pukkila took place in 1885 and the second in 1914, when heating equipment was installed in the church. The altarpiece was painted in 1915 by Wilhelm Sjöström. The organ came to Pukkila's second church in 1901. Pukkila has, among other things, Naarkoski with its waterfalls and fishponds, Pukkila Church, Pukkila's wild boar garden in Kantele and the old and new part of the Japanese inn Yado Oikawa. Yado Oikawa was founded on the former Pukkila dairy. Kantele has also had a dairy, Kantele Dairy, whose building is now a private residence. Dairy operations merged with Valio Producers' Milk, and ended.


The neighboring municipalities of Pukkila are Orimattila in the north, Myrskylä in the east, Askola in the south and Mäntsälä in the west. There are four lakes in Pukkila, Kanteleenjärvi, Kokkusa, Savijärvi and Iilijärvi. The Porvoonjoki River flows through Pukkila. In the northern part of the municipality, its flow is smooth, but near the city center there are first Naarkoski and then Myllykoski, Roiponkoski or Syvänojankoski, Kivikoski and Haudankoski. There are two Natura 2000 areas in Pukkila: Kanteleenjärvi bird water and Venunmetsä.


Kantele, Naarkoski, Kirkonkylä, Savijoki, Syvänoja, Torppi


At the end of 2018, Pukkila had 1,899 inhabitants, of whom 755 lived in agglomerations, 1,123 in sparsely populated areas and the residences of 21 were unknown. The degree of agglomeration in Pukkila is 40.2%. There is only one agglomeration in the municipality, the church village of Pukkila.


According to the 2018 regional division, Pukkila has the following congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland: Pukkila ParishAccording to the parishes of the Finnish Orthodox Church, the Helsinki Orthodox Parish operates in the Pukkila area.


The Mesolithic Stone Age has been found in Pukkila from around 7,000 to 6,500 BC, one probably an iron or medieval cupstone and two prehistoric mounds. The Stone Age dwellings are located near the Porvoonjoki River and in the Kantele area. The first church in Pukkila was built in 16014. The current church dates from 1814. The ecclesiastical office has been the pastor's office. Kantele Dairy was founded in Kantele in 1915, and is now a private residential property on the shores of Lake Kantele. 1915 Pukkila had one steam mill and five water mills. There were three sawmills: the 17-horsepower Kantele steam saw, the 30-horsepower Naarkoski hydropower saw and the 20-horsepower Syvänoja hydropower saw. At that time, Pukkila had the Naarkoski power plant and ten merchants in 1916. Onni Nurmi, who was born in Pukkila in 1885, bequeathed the shares of the Finnish Rubber Factory to his hometown. The company evolved into Nokia, and the value of the will increased to FIM 30 million. According to the provisions of the will, the proceeds of the testamentary shares were to be used for the recreation of the elderly in Pukkila's old people's home. At the turn of the millennium, the shares were sold and the Onni Nurmi Foundation and the Onni Welfare Center were established.


Juha Myyryläinen worked for Pukkila Municipality

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