The President of the French Republic


May 28, 2022

The President of the French Republic (French: Président de la République française) is the French head of state. The first president was elected as early as 1848, making the French president the oldest in Europe. The French president is quite strong internationally, especially in foreign policy matters. The term of office of the President was seven years before the year 2000, when it was set at five years. The number of seasons in 2008 was limited to two consecutive ones. The Bishop of Urgell, Spain, and the President of the French Republic formally co-partner with the Principality of Andorra.

Surviving Former Presidents

French presidential election

The President of France is currently elected by direct universal suffrage. To be eligible, a public statement of support must be collected from 500 elected representatives (e.g., parliamentarian, mayor). In addition, candidates must be French nationals at least 23 years old.

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