Rauno Ruuhijärvi


July 6, 2022

Rauno Vesa Ruuhijärvi (3 September 1930 Hankasalmi – 18 June 2022) was a Finnish assistant professor of botany and conservationist. He taught plant ecology and environmental protection at the University of Helsinki in 1963–1994. Ruuhijärvi was the supervisor of Lammi's biological station for more than 30 years. Ruuhijärvi was elected chairman of the Finnish Nature Conservation Union in 1978, and he continued in the position for twelve years. Ruuhijärvi participated in several state higher education planning and study reform committees and had numerous positions in scientific and other communities. He has published more than 100 works on Northern Finland's bogs, plant ecology and nature conservation. In 1991 he received the title of professor and in 1989 he was awarded the honorary doctorate of Joensuu University. In 1993, he was appointed a member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences. Ruuhijärvi received the Alfred Kordelin Foundation's recognition award in 1994 and the Finnish Cultural Fund's recognition award in 2007.


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