July 6, 2022

Sallatunturi is a fell area located in Salla, Lapland, consisting of two peaks, the higher of which is 478.8 meters. The 270-kilometer UKK hiking trail from Lieksa to Savukoski passes through Sallatunturi. The peaks of Sallatunturi were previously known as Iso Pyhätunturi and Pieni Pyhätunturi. In 2010, Salla's municipal government petitioned the Land Survey to name them Sallatunture and also that the two peaks would no longer be separated from each other. The reason was that the Pyhätunturi in Salla often mixed with the Pyhätunturi in Pelkosenniemi. The land surveying office of Lapland changed the common map name to Sallatunturi in 2012.

Ski center

Sallatunturei has a ski and holiday center. There are 15 slopes of different difficulty levels, 11 of which are lighted and about 160 kilometers of ski runs, of which 42 kilometers are lighted and 17.5 kilometers are dog runs. The ski center was chosen as the ski center of the year 2009.


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