The Ronettes


January 19, 2022

The Ronettes was an American 1960s pop band. The band consisted of lead character Veronica Bennett (later Ronnie Spector), her sister Estelle Bennett and their cousin Nedra Talley (later Nedra Talley Ross).

Early Heaven

In 1957, Ronnie assembled a band that included his big sister Estelle, their cousin Nedra Talley, and three other cousins, two of whom were girls and one boy (Ira). However, the band shrank to three members; To Bennett and Talleyhy. For a while, it was called The Darling Sisters, "Sisters Gold." The siblings' mother renamed them Ronnie and the Relatives, "Ronnie and the Relatives." In 1959, the band got to perform in a talent show at the Apollo Theater in New York because the owner of the theater happened to be a customer of his mother’s donut cafe. They won the competition. The group started dancing a twist at the Peppermint Lounge. On their mother's advice, they stuffed paper into their bras to fill it. The band also played backing vocals for Joey Deen and Bobby Rydell. They aspired to a film about the twist, but the director said they were too dark for white and too pale for black actors, leaving it unclear to the audience which one they performed. The band's name was changed to The Ronettes.


In 1963, The Ronettes began collaborating with producer Phil Spector and that year rose to fame with the No. 2 song "Be My Baby." Another big hit was "Baby I Love You." The band's showy look was the style developed by Estelle; they were known for their rich mascara, short slit skirts, and giant tufted scalps. In 1964, the band's first album Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica was released. That same year, the band toured the UK.The Ronettes broke up in 1966. Veronica Bennet married Phil Spector in 1968 and embarked on a solo career in 1973 after resigning. She performed again in 1974 under the name The Ronettes without her sister or cousin. Estelle married band manager Joe Dong and she also tried a solo career that failed.

Copyright Fees and Hall of Fame

In 1988, The Ronettes sued their $ 10 million unpaid royalties from their producer Phil Spector. The payments came from movies and commercials featuring music, for which Spector had paid only $ 14,000, according to Ronettes. Some of the band's charges were dropped, but at the end of a lengthy lawsuit in 2002, they received $ 1 million, leaving each with more than $ 100,000 in attorney's fees. In 2007, The Ronettes entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio.


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