Tommi Liamatta


January 19, 2022

Tommi Juhani Liamatta (born 14 January 1976 in Kemi) is a musician, cartoonist, visual artist and author. Liimata has become known as a singer, lyricist and composer of the band Absolute Zero. In addition to music, Liimata has written several novels and non-fiction books and published comics. For his work Autarktis (2017), he was the Finlandia candidate for fiction. Liimata has edited books on magazine articles by Veikko Ennala and Waldermar Wallenius, among others, and an autobiography of Sam Yaffa. Liimata is a student at Lyseonpuisto High School. He has studied cartoon art at Rovala Folk High School.


Solo Album

Liimatan Pan Alley (Megamania, 1996) Tropical Cocktail (Megamania, 2006) Rokokoo Computer (Diu Dau Records, 2016)

Solo Dosing

Dream Adventure (Megamania, 2006) Did you mean: heterosexuals (Diu Dau Records, 2020)



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Delivery work

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Lie & Seduction - Stories of Deception. Helsinki: Helsinki Books, 2011. ISBN 978-952-5-874983-7. - Includes Glue Novell's "Boat Show"

Radio work

In the summer of 2014, Liimata gave a weekly 58-minute program at Yle Puhe. The titles of the episodes included "Nothing is as rural as owning a car," "Medium beers," "When a man gets sick, it gets so weak," "A man's drinking is suspicious," "Silent information," and "CD boxes are priests' purchases ". The series of glue radio monologues continued in Christmas 2014. At that time, three new episodes were broadcast, each with one Christmas holiday. In the summer of 2020, Yle Speech published an eight-part series of 57-minute radio monologues from Liimatan

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