May 28, 2022

Tomsk (Russian: Tomsk) is the capital of the Tomsk region in central Siberia, Russia, along the Tomjoki River. According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 524,669.


Russian Tsar Boris Godunov ordered Cossack leader Gavril Pisemsk to build a fortress along the Tom River in the Tatars in 1604. Tomsk was an important military center in the wars against the region's indigenous people. It also developed into a major administrative center. The city’s population grew rapidly with the discovery of gold in the early 1830s. There are several universities and colleges in the city. Tomsk University was founded in 1878 and was the first university in Siberia. The Siberian Railway, built in the 1890s, runs almost 70 km south of Tomsk, and after its completion the relative importance of Tomsk in the region decreased compared to, for example, Novosibirsk. The branch to Tomsk was completed in 1896.

City Districts

Tomsk is divided into four administrative districts, districts with a population in 2010 as follows: Kirovsky (128,591) Leninski (123 940) Oktyabrski (159,157) Soviet (112,981)


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