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May 28, 2022

The subpages of this page have topics for which you would like an article. You can add your own wishes to them with a brief specification. You should also add a possible link to an article in another language. If you notice a topic on a page that already has an article, remove the topic from that page. However, check that the article request has been fulfilled and that this is not just a control page. You can also search for topics to write. Remember that you can search for unwanted articles on Wikipedia in other languages ​​and translate them into Finnish. Use and labeling of sources is required.

Home Article Requests

If you haven't added any wishes to your homepage before, see the instructions first.

Article requests by topic

The article requests are divided into topics according to the following table. The right-hand column of the table describes in more detail what kind of article requests have been added to the wish page for each topic. This more detailed breakdown of topics is based on the top-level subheading of each wish page and was last updated on October 19, 2013.


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Various article wish lists

Key Wikipedia missing articles More than 35 IW links in the article namespace, no link to fi-wiki, situation according to Wikidata 30.3.2015 Articles in a large Finnish encyclopedia that are not available on Wikipedia Articles appearing in several Wikipedias but missing in Finnish Wikipedia: Article requests over one year old (not updated) Desired pages, articles with the most broken links (including links to templates) Wikipedia article requests in alphabetical order

Pages that need development

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