Wikipedia: Pages that need attention


May 28, 2022

From this page, you can browse lists of pages that need attention. The lists open from the links in the Category columns in the tables below.

Report a problem

If you find a problem in an article and for some reason you can't fix it right away, add one of the templates listed in the tables below, in its simplest form, to {{fix}}. Add a more detailed description of the issue directly to the template invitation or to the article discussion page. Once the article has been corrected for the requested item, delete the Template. All problem templates can be found at Wikipedia: Template / Problem Templates.

Common Problems

Problem cropping

Problems with source

Problems with perspective

Single problem

Thematic issues

Stubs and under classes

If the article or part of it is very narrow in relation to its topic, it is a stub.



{{Controversial}} - Category: Controversial articles, categories, and templates {{Consensus}} - Category: Controversial Articles {{TemplateMergeable}} - Category: Templates to merge {{Designation}} - Category: In accordance with the designation policy {{Rewritable}} - Category: Pages that require rewriting {{New Investigation}} - Category: Articles Suspected for New Investigation {{For Expert}} - Category: For ExpertPhotos: {{Invalid image format}} {{Indistinct}} {{Copy}} {{VRTS}} {{Copyright}} {{Vkp}} Orphan pages Orphan pages are pages that have no links to other articles. Due to the hypertext nature of Wikipedia, it is difficult to find such articles, which reduces their usefulness. It would be a good idea to get these articles linked to some context, otherwise they will only be found on search engines. List of orphaned pages (may not be up to date)