Wikipedia: Coffee room


May 28, 2022

Real-time chat

Wikipedia has an IRC channel for real-time chat. The channel ID is # Wikipedia and is located on the Libera Chat network.

If you want to ...

... asks the community for help and insight into issues between users: create a Comment Request ... discuss a specific article, image, or category: use the article discussion pages ... make a notification or request to administrators: report on the admin bulletin board ... press information: use the Press Page and Wikipedia Media Tracking pages ... to see the polls in progress: read current affairs ... read the FAQ: read Questions and Answers on Wikipedia ... make appointments with wikipeds: use the Appointments page ... discuss Wikimedia from Finland: use Discussion from Wikipedia: Wikimedia Finland


The conversations in the old coffee room are archived in the archive directory. You can also start a discussion in the coffee room on the above topics if the topic requires a larger number of readers than it would get on the side page. Paused conversations will be moved to more appropriate pages, archived, or deleted altogether if there is no reason to keep them.