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October 18, 2021

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Add new knop suggestions at the end of this section so you can discuss them, if necessary, before they appear. Try to avoid red links. New information is usually transferred to the homepage selection on Fridays. This is done by editing the template Template: Did you know that .... It can also be edited directly from the link above. There are four knobs in the selection at a time. These should be related to different types of topics. You can deviate from the chronology if a beak is topical and would lose its interest if it came up too late. However, this needs to be discussed first. The “Search for nipple information in the archive” search allows you to check if a topic has already existed, or else just search for a specific topic. Note! When making additions, check that the same information is in the article itself. Also check that the source of the information is given in the article. … There were two Sudanese republics in Africa in the late 1950s: Sudan and present-day Mali? … Machu Picchu was not an ordinary city but a holiday destination for the Incas and a winter residence for the royal family? … The smallest trilobites were plankton, while some of the larger ones ate plankton? … Qixi is a Chinese holiday, often also called Chinese Valentine's Day? … The gauge of the southern United States railways was changed to 1,435 millimeters in two days in 1886? … St. Malachi (1094–1148) has allegedly made a prophetic list of future popes, but is it actually a forgery made in the 16th century? … Born in 1995, Madison Cawthorn is the first member of the U.S. Congress born in the 1990s? … Paul von Hindenburg won the 1925 presidential election in Germany even though he was not nominated in the first round of the election? … The popularity of senbazuru increased in Japan in the 1950s after Sadako Sasaki folded a paper cucumber for it before dying of the leukemia caused by the bombing of Hiroshima? … Prince Henry (1900–1974) was the first son of a British monarch to study at school instead of homeschooling? … “The Most Unwanted Song” is a 22-minute song where a tuba-accompanied coloratura soprano raps from a cowboy’s life? … The oil peak is a hypothetical moment at which oil reserves begin to deplete and petroleum production begins to decline permanently? … Sots-art was a Soviet interpretation of pop art? … The nominal price of a barrel of oil has fluctuated between zero and $ 156.85 over the last 50 years, but only two global oil crises have been experienced? … Kandahar's name probably comes from Alexander the Great? … In addition to Jakarta, Yogyakarta has also been the capital of Indonesia? … A metro network was planned for the Latvian capital Riga in the 1970s and 1980s, but was not built? … According to Muhammad ibn Majah, who influenced in the 8th century, stoning is not mentioned in the Qur’an because the sheep had eaten the paper about it? … Approximately one in four Swedish-Finns is a Finnish-Swedish? … The first Finnish commercial board game was Huvimatka Aavasaksaan, published in 1862? … The black-throated perch (Chiasmodon niger) is able to prey on fish up to four times its length? … Alli Wiherheimo, the first editor-in-chief of Kotiliesi magazine, remained in office for more than 40 years? … Kyrgyzstan has a mountain named after Vladimir Putin? … Gegenschein is a weak optical phenomenon visible in the starry sky? … Triassic Aethophyllum stipul

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