Wikipedia: Frequently Asked Questions


May 28, 2022

Frequently asked questions about Wikipedia. What exactly is a “wiki”? A wiki is a set of websites that anyone can visit and modify at any time. Ward Cunningham came up with the idea and made the first software. You can also edit this page by clicking the "edit" link above the page title. If you don't have anything to add or fix, feel free to try editing on the page allotted to it. See also how to edit pages as well as the wiki. What is Wikipedia then? Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia of free content published on the Internet in several languages. It is based on wiki technology and volunteer activity. More on this topic on Wikipedia: About as well as Wikipedia. Who owns Wikipedia? Wikipedia is managed by the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization. The foundation also runs Wikipedia's sister projects, including Wiktionary, Wikibooks, and Wikisource. The foundation owns all the domain names and pays all the costs of Wikipedia. All articles on this site are published under one or more so-called free licenses (CC BY – SA 3.0 or GFDL), so the text of the articles may be freely re-used or redistributed subject to the license terms. See Wikipedia: Copyright for more information. Who is responsible for the content of the articles? Wikipedia users themselves. This is a collaborative project: thousands of people have helped in different parts of it, and anyone can join - including you. Each page has a history link where you can view the page's change history. If you find an error in the latest version of the page, feel free to edit the page and fix it yourself. If there is something unclear in the article and you do not want to edit the page yourself, please mention the error on the article's discussion page so that another user can read it. In this way, errors and inaccuracies can be constantly corrected. How do I know if the information is correct? It is likely that Wikipedia also contains inaccurate, outdated, or intentionally distorted information. The situation is remedied by the fact that numerous users read articles and follow recent changes; errors and vandalism are usually corrected very quickly. We also recommend using article history to see how each article has changed over time. The accuracy and coverage of the encyclopedia will therefore increase steadily as new members arrive. Join us and correct any errors you find! Wikipedia: Comments on the Wikipedia critique address the topic in more detail. How can I contact? At [email protected], volunteer users answer questions and problems related to Finnish-language wikis. Users have also created mailing lists to which you can send questions about a specific project. More on the English meta: mailing lists page. In addition, many users have registered their email addresses with the service; there is a special “email to user” link on each user page. You can also leave a message on the user's chat page. Did you know that site X appears to be infringing on Wikipedia's copyright? Probably already known. Numerous sites copy the content of the English Wikipedia - as of this writing, more than a hundred different cases are already known. Most of these still operate within their rights. For more information, see Wikipedia: Mirrors and forks. What software does Wikipedia use? Wikipedia uses GNU GPL-licensed open source software called MediaWiki, which is also used by numerous other wiki-based sites. Look