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October 18, 2021

Wikipedia-related news is on Wikipedia: Coffee Room (news). The media attention received by Wikipedia in Finnish belongs to the Wikipedia page: Media visibility. The news archive collects news or events for which background information can be found on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not intended to be a news service. Instead, the Wikipedia News Archive page can provide links to what’s behind the news. To get the most out of this page, it would be a good idea to receive daily news on this page. So, for example, when a new topic comes up in the news, or something new comes up on a topic that has already been added, you could add a mention to it with appropriate links and citations to that page. The news should be put on the day when the event itself took place, not on the day it was reported.

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Previous events this year


Benjamin List and David MacMillan received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. (6.10.) Syukuro Manabe, Giorgio Parisi and Klaus Hasselmann received the Nobel Prize in Physics. (5.10.) David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. (4.10.) Fumio Kishida became Prime Minister of Japan. (4.10.)


Manse PP won the first baseball of his club history in the men's Superpesis of Finland. (26.9.) In the German Bundestag elections, both the SPD and Alliance 90 / Greens clearly increased their support, while the Christian Democratic Parties (CDU / CSU) experienced the worst election result in their history. (26.9.) The Swiss adopted a same-sex marriage in a referendum. (26.9.) Porin Pesäkarhut won the Finnish baseball championship in the women's Superpesis after a 19-year break. (25.9.) In Iceland’s parliamentary elections, the Independence Party maintained its position as the country’s largest party in parliament. (25.9.) The Liberals maintained their position as the largest party in the Canadian parliamentary elections, but did not gain a majority in parliament. (20.9.) Australia, Britain and the United States sign the AUKUS security agreement. (15.9.) Tove received the most awards at the Jussi Gala and also won the best film Jussi. (15.9.) The Norwegian Grand Duma election ended in a clear victory for the left-wing parties, and the Labor Party, led by Jonas Gahr Støre, won the most seats. (13.9.) Seven Finnish restaurants awarded Michelin stars (13.9.) Abba officially announced she would make a comeback and release new music. (2.9.)


The Riigikogu elected Alar Karis as President of Estonia. (31.8.) The war in Afghanistan: the last U.S. troops left Afghanistan. (31.8.) The Tokyo Summer Paralympics opened. (24.8.) Ismail Sabri Yaakob was appointed the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. (20.8.) Tesoma's shutdown in Tampere was opened to traffic. (16.8.) The Taliban took over Afghanistan after the United States began withdrawing from the country - President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. (15.8.) Riikka Purra was elected the new chairman of the Basic Finns. (14.8.) Tram traffic in Tampere officially started operating. (9.8.) Arja Koriseva got Iskelmä-Finlandia. (5.8.)


The Tokyo Olympics opened. (23.7.) The International Olympic Committee awarded the 2032 Summer Olympics to Brisbane, Australia. (21.7.) Julia Ducournau's film Titane won the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival's Grand Palm and Juho Kuosmanen's Cabin No. 6 Grand Prix. (17.7.) Italy won the European Football Championship. (11.7.) Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated. (7.7.) At least 45 people were killed when a Philippine Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules crashed into the ground while trying to land in Sulu. (4.7.)


The village of Lytton, where the Canadian heat record was measured the day before, was almost completely destroyed after a wildfire hit the village. (30.6.) Parliament resigned

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