Wikipedia: The competition of the week


May 28, 2022

The competitions of the week (VK) are fun-loving, joint competitions on Wikipedia, in which you can participate by editing Wikipedia in Finnish, Inari Sámi, Northern Sámi or Livonian. The competition was originally developed on Swedish Wikipedia. In addition, Norwegian (New and Book Slave) and Northern Sámi Wikipedia have a common competition. The first competition of the week in Finnish Wikipedia was held in November 2012. Contest of the Week --


The competition for the week has a pre-defined topic. Related edits will be included in the competition. The score is automatically calculated by UKBot, run by Danmichaelo (who speaks Finnish but Norwegian and English). The week's competition is organized by the registered user. Points are awarded in the competition according to the criteria set by the organizer, and certain types of rosettes are awarded for certain points. In addition, the winner will have their own rosette. The bot distributes the rosettes. Blue rosette, first prize in competitions on the expansion of articles or a specific topic. A red rosette, the first prize in competitions with a theme other than the expansion of articles, such as classification, sourceing, or language maintenance. Orange rosette, first prize in competitions with artwork. Rainbow Rosette, first prize in competitions on the subject of sexual and gender minorities. Green Rosary, first prize in competitions with a special subject that does not fit the specifications of the other rosettes above, or the subject of creating new articles. Brown rosette, light purple rosette, purple rosette and silver rosette, prizes that can be given to multiple participants. Brown is usually given for more than 200 points, light purple for more than 500 points, purple for more than 1,000 points, and silver for more than 2,500 points. White Rosary, prize for all entrants in Wikipedia's first contest (distributed only in 2012-48) Yellow rosette, prize for the organizer of the competition.