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May 28, 2022

1652648400 Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar will be the subject of the Week of Competition in week 19 in 2022.


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This contest is over - thanks to everyone who entered!

Kaljami (3425 p)

75 articles, 94.92 kB Portuguese Sign Language (17.6 p) Mirandeesi (58.5 p) Liberal Party of Gibraltar (0.0 p) Social Democrats in Gibraltar (0.0 p) Gibraltar Socialist Workers' Party (0.0 p) Tiago Mayan Gonçalves U (96.8 p) Knighthood of Henrik Sailor U (77.3 p) Order of Freedom (Portugal) U (61.2 p) The Portuguese (18.7 p) Portugal Day (0.0 p) Marcha Real (57.1 p) Anthem of Riego (0.0 p) Flag of Andorra (0.2 p) Coat of arms of Andorra (0.1 p) El Gran Carlemany (0.2 p) Order of Charles the Great U (58.1 p) Basque language (47.3 p) Joan Enric Vives Sicily (35.3 p) Pedro Sánchez (34.5 p) Mariano Rajoy (88.8 p) Golden Hoist (Order of the Knights) (33.1 p) Order of Charles III U (73.6 p) Spanish citizenship U (126.3 p) Andorran citizenship U (86.5 p) José Pereira Coutinho (0.7 p) Order of Merit of Portugal (63.7 p) Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (251.2 p) Portuguese nationality U (177.9 p) Lusitian language (23.8 p) Tartessos language U (45.8 p) Iberian (34.9 p) Ribbon of the Three Knights U (88.4 p) People, Animals, Nature (42.9 p) Parliament of the Azores U (117.4 p) Military Order of the Sword of St. James U (81.5 p) Autodafee (0.1 p) El Escorial (0.1 p) Spanish Evangelical Baptist Association (0.1 p) Santa Maria de Montserrat (0.1 p) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Barcelona (0.0 p) Roman Catholic Diocese of Bilbao (0.0 p) Poblet Monastery (0.1 p) Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba (0.1 p) Diocese of Urgell (0.1 p) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toledo (0.1 p) Religion in Spain U (194.2 p) Meeting of the Republic (44.2 p) Radio and Television of Portugal (58.2 p) Público (33.1 p) Diário de Notícias (54.9 p) LIVRE (party) U (127.2 p) People's Monarchist Party U (102.0 p) Tower and Sword Military Order (100.0 p) Governor of Gibraltar (17.1 p) Parliament of Gibraltar (13.1 p) Catalan countries (15.6 p) Catalan (68.0 p) Catalan sound structure (0.1 p) Algaresis (36.3 p) Spanish (34.8 p) Portuñol (0.1 p) Aragonese Spanish (0.0 p) List of Portuguese dialects (0.7 p) East Timor Portuguese U (64.8 p) Capverdecreole (7.7 p) Galician (47.9 p) Portuguese (122.1 p) Aviz Military Order (83.5 p) Spanish Sign Language U (72.1 p) Ceuta (24.3 p) Isabella Catholic Order U (75.8 p) Order of the Civil Merit (Spain) U (77.8 p) SIC (28.2 p) Basque National Party (20.2 p) Ciudadanos (1.1 p)

Lax (2807 p)

30 articles, 76.39 kB Nuno Mendes U (91.6 p) Pedro Gonçalves U (108.6 p) Paulinho Santos U (84.0 p) Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics (158.2 p) Natalia Vía-Dufresne U (77.5 p) Rafael Trujillo (sailor) U (66.9 p) José María van der Ploeg U (73.6 p) João Pinto (footballer, 1961) U (92.0 p) Sporting Clube de Portugal (0.5 p) Club Atlético de Madrid (0.5 p) FC Porto (0.2 p) Fernando Gomes (85.3 p) Manuel Bento U (85.2 p) Paulo Futre (p. 16.4)