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July 6, 2022

1656277200 Language is the topic of the Week competition in week 25 in 2022.

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This competition has ended - thanks to everyone who entered!

Kaljami (2710 p)

65 articles, 82.11 kB List of endangered languages ​​(0.0 p) Sioux languages ​​(0.1 p) Tucan languages ​​(0.3 p) The language of Siona (0.3 p) Tetete language (0.3 p) Enga's language (1.6 p) English languages ​​U (45.5 p) Micronesian languages ​​(20.9 p) Gallo language (2.3 p) Timor-alor-pantar languages ​​U (45.1 p) Bunak language (0.5 p) I laid my tongue (0.5 p) Fataluku language U (97.6 p) Andamanese languages ​​(0.1 p) Languages ​​of the Great Andamanese U (57.0 p) Juwoi (23.5 p) Yuulngukielet U (42.6 p) Dhuwal language U (83.2 p) Warrgamay Language U (66.9 p) Worora languages ​​(0.0 p) Wunambali language U (83.8 p) Kriol U (83.8 p) Torres Strait Creole U (94.6 p) Creole language (8.7 p) Unserdeutsch (59.9 p) Kitchen German U (76.4 p) Kiautschou Pidgin U (84.1 p) Chavacano U (120.7 p) Icelandic language (133.3 p) Icelandic Sign Language U (79.7 p) Faroese language (6.5 p) Zulu language (131.5 p) Swazi language (33.1 p) Tsonga language (77.1 p) Western Dane (0.4 p) Wano language (0.4 p) Mori language (0.4 p) The language of many U (36.8 p) Niuafo'ou language (55.4 p) Guarani language (48.4 p) Quechua (72.1 p) Bolivian languages ​​U (145.3 p) Ngarna languages ​​U (34.2 p) Palawa rabbit (0.1 p) Tongan language (65.0 p) Mangareva language (52.4 p) Nukurian language U (80.9 p) Uvean language (1.2 p) Wallis language (1.2 p) Futuna language (29.6 p) Southern Marquesas language (42.3 p) Northern Marquesas language (58.2 p) The language of laughter (18.6 p) Seimat (0.5 p) Luxembourgish language (26.5 p) Scottish language (50.5 p) Gaelic (20.2 p) Manx language (17.5 p) American languages ​​(0.1 p) Hawaiian language (28.5 p) Pama-Nyunga languages ​​(7.0 p) Carnian languages ​​U (48.1 p) Pitta-pitta language U (55.5 p) Hawaiian alphabet U (84.8 p) Hawaii England (66.8 p)

Qwerty12302 (768p)

18 articles, 12.12 kB Icelandic language (65.2 p) Volodymyr Janiv (0.0 p) Faroese language (14.8 p) Málráðin U (52.8 p) List of language agencies (1.5 p) 101 Ways to Kill a Husband (0.2p) Ljubov Janovska (11.1 p) Shadows of past generations (0.1 p) Volodymyr Javorivskyi (0.1 p) Zulu language (6.6 p) Tsonga language (7.2 p) Tswana language (7.1 p) Belarusian language (150.2 p) Hawaiian language (73.8 p) Kazakh language (168.0 p) Niue language (19.6 p) Tongan language (51.3 p) Luxembourgish language (138.3 p)

Quadriplegia (579p)

9 articles, 12.97 kB Engagement in a monastery U (63.5 p) Antti Hervonen (0.3 p) Ragnar Jónasson U (51.9 p) Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (1.0 p) Arnaldur Indriðason (0.1 p) Patrizia Cavalli U (93.1 p) Sofia Samatar U (117.2 p) Anders de la Motte U (76.1 p) Jack Hirschman U (176.0 p)

Feather (253 p)

5 articles, 6.21 kB The Vandal's Language (20.5 p) Adolf Noreen U (100.0 p) Ferdinand Wrede U (41.2 p) August Leskien U (74.8 p) COBOL (16.6p)

Courtier (176 p)

4 articles, 5.34 kB J. K. Kari (74.2 p) Elementary lessons for children (1.3 p) Lahtari (0.2 p) Vihtori Viitanen (99.8 p)

Finncle (123p)

2 articles, 2.54 kB Mary (mother of Jesus) (114.5 p) Protogospel of James (8.2 d)

MAQuire (118p)

19 articles, 2.18 kB Ernst Kock (6.2 p) Franz Bopp (6.3 p) Gerhard Rohlfs (5.8 p) Herman Vendell (6.0 p) Martin Fogel (6.4 p) Mihkel Veske (6.3 points) R