May 28, 2022

A Wikipedia project is a subproject of Wikipedia that focuses on the development and coordination of an article group or topic area. Registration for wiki projects is open to everyone. If you want to start a new project, add it to the list, save it, click to create it, and copy, for example, Wikiproject: Example for that page as a template. Before starting a new project, see if a suitable project can be found in the list of active projects or in the list of completed projects. It is also worth considering working as part of a larger and perhaps more active project than starting a new project with a more limited but perhaps little use. The most common uses of projects are: Use as a "premises" and "warehouse" for developers of a topic Unifying the look and content of the articles covered by the project Compilation of topic-specific instructions and tips Editing tips for participants, such as lists of stubs on key topics Help other users make edits related to the topic

General wiki projects

Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in general, not so much related to a specific topic.

Thematic wiki projects

Completed wiki projects

Wikiproject: NetHack (Combine Video Games with Wikiproject) Wikiproject: Nintendo (Combine Video Games with Wikiproject) Wikipedia Wikipedia @ ITK2008 (Project that only worked in 2008) Wiki project Metal music Wikiproject Neutral 2011 Wikiproject Deleting a new study 2011 Wiki project Korjaamo2012 Wikiproject Hämeenlinna (this is probably Häme-Wiki) Wiki project Bigfoot (merged with the Magic Creatures project) Wiki project: Finland 100 culminated in Independence Day 2017 Estonian-Finnish article writing competition 2016