Scotland national rugby union team


August 13, 2022

The Scotland rugby union team is the national team which represents Scotland in major international rugby union competitions, the Rugby League World Cup and the Six Nations Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the Tournament). of the item). The Scottish Rugby Union is responsible for managing the Scottish rugby union team. As of November 26, 2018, they are in seventh place in the national rugby team rankings. His best world ranking of all time, fifth, dates from 2017. Rugby Union is a popular sport in Scotland. The Scottish team compete each year in the Six Nations Tournament against the best European teams; it also regularly tours to compete with the best teams in the southern hemisphere, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and it plays the major competition, the World Cup, every four years. She was a semi-finalist in 1991. The Scots play in navy blue and white with a thistle over their heart. Because of the color of their uniforms, they are sometimes said to be "All Blacks who haven't learned to win". The "XV of the Thistle" plays at home at the Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh, owned by the Scottish Rugby Union since 1925. The history of Scottish national rugby begins in 1871, when the national team faced and beat the England team in the first international rugby union match at Raeburn Place. Since the start of the 1882-1883 British Rugby Union Tournament, the Scottish XV have won it fourteen times alone and shared victory on eight occasions. Since 2000, Scotland have never won the Tournament.


Introduction of rugby union to Scotland and first international meeting

The first international meeting of the Scotland rugby union team was against England on Sunday 27th March 1871. It was not only Scotland's first match, but also the first international meeting ever played. The match takes place at Raeburn Place, located in Edinburgh (Scotland). Scotland wins (4-1) in front of 4,000 people. This meeting is caused by a challenge from Scottish sportsmen, who want to raise national honor after an association football match lost 1 to 0 in Kennington, but the Scots, whose main clubs practice the rules of rugby football, consider that only a match played under these rules may entitle a team to represent the country. The match is played at Raeburn Place, a cricket stadium as the Scottish Rugby Union does not yet have a suitable stadium for an international match. It is contested by two teams of twenty players, in two halves of fifty minutes. The Scots win the game with a try and a goal against a try for the English.

British Dating and Falling Out (1870-1899)

The rematch between the teams of Scotland and England takes place, on the ground of the latter, at the London Oval. England won the match by (8-3) (the English scored three tries, a conversion and a penalty, and the Scots scored a drop goal). The following match between the two nations took place at Hamilton Crescent in Glasgow, it ended in a division of points. The two nations met again two years later, on Monday February 23, 1874, the meeting ended in English success (3-1). Ireland made their international debut when they met England in 1875 (the Irish lost 7-0). The Scots met the XV of clubs for the first time on February 19, 1877 and won (20-0) in Belfast. Wales started a little later on the international level with matches against England in 1881, Ireland in 1882 and Scotland in 1883. The confrontations between Scotland and Wales therefore began on the