13 mars


January 23, 2022

March 13 is the 72nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the 73rd in the event of a leap year. There are 293 days left before the end of the year. It was usually the 23rd day of the month of Ventôse in the French Republican calendar officially called cochlear day. March 12 - March 13 - March 14


7th century

624: Muslim victory at the Battle of Badr.

16th century

1567: Spanish victory at the Battle of Austruweel at the start of the Eighty Years' War. 1569: Battle of Jarnac which opposes the Protestant army commanded by Louis I of Bourbon-Condé to that of the King of France Henri III during the third war of Religion.

17th century

1634: first meeting of the French Academy. 1697: Nojpetén, the last Mayan city, falls to the Conquistadores, during the conquest of Guatemala.

18th century

1781: discovery of Uranus by William Herschel. 1793: Battle of Jallais and Battle of Chemillé, during the Vendée War.

19th century

1806: Battle of Cape Verde between a French Empire racing squadron, under the command of the Comte de Linois, and a British squadron commanded by Sir John Borlase Warren. 1809: Gustave IV Adolphe surrenders, marking the victory of the coup d'etat in Sweden. 1814: Battle of Reims between French troops and Russian and Prussian troops, during the French campaign of 1814. 1815: formation of the Seventh Coalition in reaction to the return of Napoleon Bonaparte during the Hundred Days. 1846: Ballinglass Incident in which Irish peasants were expelled during the Great Famine. 1848: The March Revolution breaks out in Vienna. 1862: The US government repeals the Fugitive Slave Act during the Civil War. 1881: assassination of Emperor Alexander II of Russia by the revolutionary movement The Will of the People. 1884: Beginning of the siege of Khartoum during the Mahdist war.

20th century

1904: inauguration of Christ the Redeemer of the Andes, marking the resolution of the border conflict between Argentina and Chile. 1920: Kapp putsch, during which Hermann Ehrhardt enters Berlin. In reaction, the Communists begin the uprising in the Ruhr. 1943: torpedoing by the Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci of the Marconi class of the ship Empress of Canada off Cap des Palmes (Liberia, West Africa), which caused 392 victims. start of the liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto during the Holocaust. 1954: start of the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ during the Indochina War. 1963: adoption of the white lily as the floral emblem of Quebec. 1974: Arab oil-producing countries lift the embargo on crude oil deliveries to the United States. 1979: Putsch of Maurice Bishop in the island of Grenada. birth of the European Monetary System. 1986: Mir station welcomes its first two visitors, two Soviet cosmonauts. 1990: Ertha Pascal-Trouillot becomes interim president of Haiti. 1992: disappearance of La Pravda. 1996: Dunblane massacre in Scotland. 2000: Ecuador adopts the US dollar, replacing sugar.

21st century

2002: Robert Mugabe is declared the winner of the Zimbabwean presidential election. 2013: Marin Raikov becomes Prime Minister of Bulgaria. 2016: attack in Ankara. Grand Bassam attack. 2017: The UK Parliament authorizes Prime Minister Theresa May to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union as the first step in the procedure for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit).

Arts, culture and religion

483: election of Pope Felix III. 731: election of Pope Gregory III. 1202: foundation of Beauport Abbey. 1845: creation of the violin concerto number 2 by Felix Mendelssohn. 1995: the hit song by Quebecer Céline Dion "Pour

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