September 13


November 30, 2021

September 13 is the 256th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the 257th in the case of a leap year. There are 109 days left until the end of the year. It was the day equivalent to the ides of september (septem ab imbre) of the ancient Roman calendar until -45; then generally the 27th day of the month of Fructidor in the French Republican calendar, officially called the day of the goldenrod. September 12 - September 13 - September 14


4th century

335: the dedication of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as of the Martyrium, is solemnly celebrated in Jerusalem.

6th century

533: victory of Bélisaire over Gelimer, at the battle of Ad Decimum.

12th century

1195: Battle of Mozgawa, opposing the armies of Lesser Poland under Lech the White, and Wielkopolska under Mieszko III the Elder.

16th century

1515: Battle of Marignan (Fifth Italian War), victory of the Franco-Venetian troops of François I over the Swiss mercenaries. 1598: coronation of Philippe III of Spain.

18th century

1743: treaty of Worms [ref. necessary], securing Alsace, Lorraine and the Trois-Évêchés to France for the first time. 1745: coronation of Francis I of the Holy Roman Empire. 1759: Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Seven Years' War), victory of the British troops. 1782: failure of a major Franco-Spanish assault during the great siege of Gibraltar. 1791: The Constituent Assembly of 1789 makes France a constitutional monarchy.

19th century

1814: The Royal Navy bombs Fort McHenry, an event that inspires Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner. 1841: the Duke of Aumale, who returns from Africa and marches at the head of his troops, fails to be assassinated with a pistol shot by François Quenisset known as "Papart", an extremist, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine in Paris,. 1847: American victory of Winfield Scott, at the Battle of Chapultepec, during the American-Mexican War. 1882: battle of Tel el-Kebir (Anglo-Egyptian war). The British of Garnet Wolseley prevail over the Egyptians.

20th century

1914: end of the battle of the Grand Crowned, victory of the French under General Castelnau over the Germans under Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. the battle of the Aisne begins during the First World War. 1922: start of the fire in Smyrna. 1923: establishment of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, in Spain. 1925: Congress of the Heildelberg party (ancestor of the German S.P.D.), from September 13 to 18. 1968: Albania's withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact. 1993: signing of the Oslo accords in Washington, a step forward in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres the Israelis, and Yasser Arafat the Palestinian, historically and mediatically shake hands, under the aegis of the American Bill Clinton and an audience of other personalities.

21st century

2007: adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 2018: in Nauru, justice stops the trial of the "Nineteen of Nauru", and accuses the Minister of Justice David Adeang of "shameful affront to the rule of law". in Slovenia, the government of Marjan Šarec replaces that of Miro Cerar. 2021: In Norway, parliamentary elections are held to elect the 169 members of the 63rd Storting legislature for a four-year term. The Labor Party led by Jonas Gahr Støre leads the vote.

Arts, culture and religion

509 BC AD: official date of dedication of the temple of Jupiter Capitoline, in these ideas of September of the first year of the Roman Republic coincident. 604: Sabinien becomes pope. 1276: election of Pope John XXI (Pedro Juliao, his real name). 1541: Jean Calvin leaves Strasbourg for Geneva. 1985: release of the Super Mario Bros video game developed

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