October 14


October 23, 2021

October 14 is the 287th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the 288th in the case of a leap year. There are 78 days left until the end of the year. It was generally the twenty-third day of the month of Vendémiaire in the French Republican calendar, officially called the day of the turnip. October 13 - October 14 - October 15


11th century

1066: Battle of Hastings (Norman conquest of England). The Normans of William the Conqueror defeat the Anglo-Saxon troops of King Harold.

14th century

1322: Scottish victory, at the Battle of Old Byland during Scotland's First War of Independence.

18th century

1758: Austrian victory, at the battle of Hochkirch, during the Seven Years' War.

19th century

1805: Battle of Elchingen. The French troops of Marshal Ney triumph over the Austrian forces of Marshal von Riesch. Memmingen fight. French victory led by Nicolas Soult. 1806: battle of Jena (campaign of Prussia and Poland). Victory of the French imperial army, commanded by the Emperor Napoleon I, over the Prussian and Saxon forces. battle of Auerstadt (campaign of Prussia and Poland). The French troops of Davout emerge victorious, parallel to those of Napoleon on the front of Jena. 1809: Treaty of Schönbrunn (German and Austrian campaign). 1863: Union victory at the Battle of Bristoe Station during the Civil War.

20th century

1914: annexation of South Epirus by Greece, in Albania. 1920: signing of the Treaty of Tartu, between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Estonia and Finland. 1933: Germany leaves the League of Nations and the World Conference for Disarmament. 1939: the U-47 submarine sinks HMS Royal Oak, in the harbor of Scapa Flow. 1943: Sobibor revolt. creation of a puppet state of the Philippines, by the Empire of Japan. 1952: Beginning of the Battle of Triangle Hill, during the Korean War. 1957: Elizabeth II personally opens the 23rd Parliament of Canada. great flood of Valencia. 1964: Leonid Brezhnev succeeds Nikita Khrushchev as first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. 1962: Rudolf Anderson flies over Cuba in a U-2, and discovers Soviet missile sites, which will trigger the Cuban Missile Crisis. 1981: Hosni Mubarak becomes the 4th President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 1997: the procession carrying the remains of Che Guevara leaves Havana, for the mausoleum of Santa Clara.

21st century

2004: Norodom Sihamoni is the new king of Cambodia. 2014: The Houthi insurgents seize the strategic port of Al-Hodeïda, on the Red Sea, without encountering resistance from the Yemeni authorities. 2017: the explosion of two truck bombs in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, kills at least 587 people and injures 316 others. the official Syrian army reclaims the city of Mayadine, the new de facto capital of ISIS. 2018: in Germany, regional legislative elections in Bavaria. In Belgium, municipal and provincial elections. In Luxembourg, legislative elections. 2021: in Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre is appointed Prime Minister after eight years in power with Erna Solberg.

Arts, culture and religion

1670: premiere of Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Molière, in Chambord, in front of Louis XIV in person. 1888: supposed date of the shooting of the first film in history, A scene in the garden of Roundhay. 1952: in Marseille, inauguration of the Cité radieuse by Le Corbusier. 1956: Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar leaves Hinduism and converts to Buddhism, with 380,000 untouchables. 1996: Release of the second single, Say You'll Be There, from the girl-group Spice Girls, which was No. 1 in many countries. 2018: in Rome,

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