October 28, 2021

1670 is a common year starting on a Wednesday.


February 4, India: Battle of Sinhagad. Shivaji recovers the forts he had lost in 1664 April: British found colonial settlement in Charleston (Charles Town), South Carolina May 2: Charles II of England grants a charter to the Hudson's Bay Company on the express condition that the beneficiaries find a passage leading to the South Seas. The charter gives the company a monopoly of trade on all seas, straits, bays, rivers, lakes, creeks or inlets directly linked to Hudson Bay, whatever the latitude, the territory or the country concerned (territories claimed by France). Médard Chouart des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson are the first to propose the creation of such a company. After having encountered numerous failures with the King of France, they appealed to Prince Rupert, cousin of King Charles II of England; Rupert will convince the English king. Jean-Baptiste Legardeur receives from his mother the seigneury of Repentigny, at the origin of the city of Repentigny, in Canada, near Montreal, in the province of Quebec. May: sedition in Santo Domingo against the French West India Company. June 10: French ordinance prohibiting foreign trade and reaffirming the principle of exclusivity (ban on processing raw materials outside the metropolis). June 23 : in Morocco, Mulay Rachid seizes Taroudant. July 18: Treaty of Madrid between England and Spain which recognizes the British possessions of the Caribbean Sea, in particular the Bahamas, the Caymans, Bermuda and Jamaica. The border on the mainland is set south of Charleston, Carolina (38 ° latitude). July 19: Mulay Rachid occupies the fortress of Illigh and subdues the marabouts of the Sous. August: An attempt by the Spaniards of St. Augustine to destroy the new English settlement in Charleston, South Carolina, fails. October 13-15: Shivaji sacked the port of Surat. December 25: the Welsh privateer Henry Morgan seizes the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina then takes possession of the castle of Chagres on January 6, 1671 (Panama). Toxonu, king of Arda (Allada) sends an ambassador, Mateo Lopez, to the court of Louis XIV to establish trade relations to the detriment of Ouidah.


January, revolt in Hungary: the ban of Croatia Pierre Zrinyi turns in vain to the Turks against Austria. Zrinyi and his brother-in-law Frankopan were arrested in Vienna on April 18. The imperials occupy royal Hungary. January 31: renewal of the Triple Alliance of 1668 February 14: imperial decree ordering the Jews of Vienna to leave the city before Corpus Christi in the evening. 1400 Jews are expelled to Bohemia and Moravia. February 17: Catholic agreement between Louis XIV and Ferdinand-Marie of Bavaria against the danger of the Protestant "triple alliance" (England, United Provinces, Sweden). February 19 (February 9 of the Julian calendar): start of the reign of Christian V, king of Denmark and Norway, who strives to create a French-style kingdom (ended in 1699) April 29: start of the pontificate of Clement X (end in 1676) May 23: Cosimo III de Medici becomes Grand Duke of Tuscany (end in 1723) June 1 (May 22 of the Julian calendar): Treaty of Dover signed secretly between Louis XIV and Charles II of England: he urges the King of England to convert to Catholicism, to follow Louis in his war against the United Provinces and to support his possible rights to the crown of Spain in exchange for financial and military aid. Pomponne ensures the neutrality of Sweden and the Germans. June 24: start of a revolt against the Russian power of the Don Cossacks under the leadership

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