May 21, 2022

1779 is a common year starting on a Friday.


January 9, First Anglo-Maratha War: British surrender at Wadgaon. On the 13th, the Treaty of Wadgaon forced them to give up all the territories they had acquired since 1773. February 14: the British explorer James Cook is killed by the natives of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). March 2: death of the Shah of Persia Muhammad Karim Khân, founder of the Zand dynasty. His brother Zaki Khan becomes regent. He names co-monarchs the sons of Karim Khan, Abol Fath Khan and Mohammad Ali Khan. Agha Mohammad Shah, a Zand prisoner for 16 years in Shiraz, fled to Isfahan when Karim Khan died. March 10, Persia: Agha Mohammad Shah arrives at the shrine of Shah-Abdol-Azim at Ray and the next day he is recognized as sovereign. Beginning of the Qajar Dynasty in Iran (ending in 1925).April 4, Persia: Agha Mohammad Shah imposes his authority over Mazanderan.June 19: After the assassination of Mohammad Ali Khan by his own troops, Abol Fath Khan becomes the only shah of Persia.July 5: the Dutch East India Company recognizes by treaty the creation of the sultanate of Pontianak in Borneo by an Arab adventurer originally from Hadramaout, Syarif Abdulrahman, who had been there since 1770-1771. July 20: Beginning of the reign of Takla-Guiorguis, brother of Takla-Haïmanot II, negus of Ethiopia after the deposition of Solomon II. August 22: Abol Fath Khan is deposed and blinded by his uncle Muhammad Sadeq Khan who proclaims himself Shah of Persia in Shiraz.December: start of the first Kaffir war (from kafir: infidel in Arabic) near the Great Fish River between settlers from South Africa and Bantus. It originated in the theft of cattle committed by the Xhosas.


February 11: departure of an exploration expedition sent by the Viceroy of Mexico Antonio María de Bucareli y Ursúa which goes up the coasts of the Pacific as far as Alaska. April 12: by the Treaty of Aranjuez, Spain joined with France in the war against Great Britain. However, the Spanish government refuses to recognize the insurgents, fearing the contamination of the independence movement in its own colonies.July 2: capture of Grenada by the French squadron of Count d'Estaing. July 6: defeat of the Royal Navy at the naval battle of Granada. September 7: capture of Fort Bute by the Spaniards. September 16 - October 19: Franco-American siege of Savannah fails. September 20 - 21: Spanish victory at the Battle of Baton Rouge. October 4: Fort Wilson Riot. December 18: naval combat in Martinique. Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable established a trading post at the current location of the city of Chicago.


March 14: opening of the Congress of Teschen which results in a compromise between Austria and Prussia in May, thanks to the mediation of France and Russia. April 12: Treaty of Aranjuez. Renewal of the family pact between the Bourbons. France promises Spain to recover Gibraltar, Menorca, Mobile and Pensacola. April 23: Marie-Thérèse declares Fiume a free port and decides to attach the city to the Kingdom of Hungary (corpus separatum), which thus obtains maritime access. May 13: Peace of Teschen. End of the War of the Bavarian Succession: Emperor Joseph II renounces the annexation of Bavaria. The Habsburgs, however, retain the Innviertel (de) in Bavaria, Frederick II of Prussia obtains the expectation of the margraviate of Ansbach. June 16: Charles III of Spain declares war on Great Britain. June 24: Beginning of the siege of Gibraltar by France and Spain (ending February 6, 1783). June 25: a Franco-Spanish fleet of 66 vessels and 14 frigates meets in Corunna under the orders of Count d'Orvilliers. She cruised in the Channel for three months without being worried, but had to withdraw