January 21, 2022

1931 is a common year starting on a Thursday.

In brief

April 14: The Second Republic is proclaimed in Spain. 20 July: London conference on the international monetary and financial situation. July and August: Floods in China. September 19: Japanese invasion of Manchuria. December 11: Statute of Westminster.



19 May: departure from Bordeaux of the Dakar-Djibouti ethnographic and linguistic mission led by Marcel Griaule. Michel Leiris is one of them and will write L’Afriquephantom. May 29: shooting of Kisenzele; beginning of the revolt of the Pende du Kwango. July 16: The Ethiopian Empire adopts a Western-style constitution. August: Creation of the newspaper Le Cri des Nègres by Tiemoko Garan Kouyaté. September 16: execution of Omar al-Mokhtar; his successor laid down his arms six months later. End of armed resistance to the Italian colonization of Libya by the Senousis. On January 24, 1932, Governor Pietro Badoglio announced that Libya had been conquered. Ordinance on Education in Kenya. It provides for the possibility of closing any school.


February 14: Beginning of the dictatorship of General Jorge Ubico Castañeda in Guatemala (ending in 1944). March 1: Gabriel Terra takes office as President of Uruguay following the victory of the Colorados in the elections of November 30, 1930. employers' sectors organize themselves into a powerful vigilance committee to stop the reforming desires of the Batllists. In a context of economic crisis, President Colorado Terra, a fraction of the Blanco party and the oligarchy demanded a return to presidentialism, while the Batllists and the other fraction of the Blanco party signed the chinchulín pacto in September which allowed them to to be in the majority in the collegial executive. March 5: Daniel Salamanca Urey, victorious in the elections of January 4, is inaugurated President of Bolivia. A strongman in the service of the oligarchy, he attributed the social unrest to "foreign communist propaganda". Unable to calm the social and political climate despite a severe "social defense law", Salamanca diverts Bolivians' attention to Paraguay's rivalry over the Chaco. May 1: inauguration of the Empire State Building in Manhattan , New York.June 23: Law 83 recognizing the right of workers to unionize in Colombia.July 10: The Norwegian government claims eastern Greenland. He had to abandon his claims on April 5, 1933 by decision of the Permanent Court of International Justice. July 27: following the economic crisis, General Ibáñez is forced to resign in Chile under popular pressure. Nine presidents succeeded each other between July 1931 and October 1932. During the period, a Socialist Republic was proclaimed and lasted less than three months. the cocoa market. August 31-September 7: Mutiny of the Chilean fleet based in Coquimbo. October 11: The Revolutionary Union of Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro wins the elections in Peru. October 23: in Paraguay, a demonstration of students demanding the return to the country of soldiers stationed abroad, and more firmness in negotiations with Bolivia, is repressed by the presidential guard; eleven people are killed and many others are injured. December 11: the Parliament of the United Kingdom recognizes the total sovereignty of the dominions, by the fourth statute of Westminster.


February 13: Letter from British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald to Chaim Weizmann who interprets the 1930 White Paper; thanks to an active opinion campaign, the Zionists obtain the lifting of the restrictions

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