November 30, 2021

1936 is a leap year beginning on a Wednesday. 1936

In short

March 7: remilitarization of the Rhineland. March 25: Second Naval Treaty of London. April 26 and May 3: electoral victory of the Popular Front in the legislative elections in France. May 9: Ethiopia is partially occupied by Italy. May 15: start of the great Arab revolt of 1936-1939 in Mandatory Palestine. July 18: start of the Spanish Civil War. November 24: anti-Comintern pact.



January 12 - 20: Italian victory over Ethiopia at the Battle of Genalé Dorya. January 20 - 24: first battle of Tembén. The Ethiopian offensive is slowed down. February 10 - 15: decisive Italian victory over Ethiopia at the battle of Enderta or Amba Aradom. February 27 - 29: decisive Italian victory over Ethiopia in the second battle of Tembén. February 29 - March 2: decisive Italian victory over Ethiopia at the Battle of Shire. March 31: Italian victory over Ethiopia at the Battle of Mai Ceu. April 15 - 25: decisive Italian victory over Ethiopia in battle of the Ogaden. 2-3 May, Dakar: constitution of a section of the SFIO in Senegal. Lamine Guèye and Léopold Sédar Senghor founded the African Bloc. May 5: entry of Italian troops into Addis Ababa. The negus must go into exile in Europe and Ethiopia is reunited with Eritrea and Somalia. May 9: Ethiopia is partially annexed by Italy. End of the second Italo-Ethiopian war. Resistance to occupation lasts until 1941. May 23, Tunisia: Neo-Destour leader Bourguiba is released. June 30: speech by Emperor Haile Selassie to the League of Nations. August 2nd : speech of Messali Hadj to the Muslim Congress in Algiers which condemns the attachment of Algeria to France and reaffirms its struggle for independence. His party, the North African Star, was dissolved by the Popular Front on January 26, 1937 and Messali Hadj imprisoned on August 27, 1937. assassination of Mufti Bendali in Algiers. August 31: The Native Trust and Land Act comes into force. Black tribal land in the Union of South Africa is increasing from 8% to 12.3% of the total area. Any purchase of land outside these spaces is prohibited for blacks. October 17: founding congress of the Algerian Communist Party. December 30: the Blum-Viollette bill, aimed at granting political rights to a minority of around 22,000 Algerian Muslims, is tabled on the desk of the Chamber of Deputies. This project is strongly opposed by the colonists as well as by the Algerian nationalists of the North African Star. The Lagos Youth Movement, created in 1934, became the Nigerian Youth Movement (fr). It was reinforced in 1937 by the accession of Nnamdi Azikiwe, who returned to Nigeria after nine years studying in the United States and three years as a newspaper editor in the Gold Coast. He campaigned for the “African personality” (1936-1937). The Mayange or Nlenvo movement spread to Cabinda.


January 7 - 8: general strike in Buenos Aires; violence kills five, three police officers and two civilians; an agreement was reached between the construction workers and the bosses on January 25. Labor unrest in Argentina was at its peak, then it declined until 1943. From 1937, the state intervened more and more in the prevention and resolution of social conflicts. February 17: Febrerista revolution in Paraguay; the government of Eusebio Ayala is overthrown in a coup led by General Rafael Franco. Franco, hero of the Chaco War, leads an anti-liberal revolution by making himself the spokesperson for veterans. A group, the Febreristas, appears to support Franco in his reformist and nationalist initiatives. February 21-25, Mexico: cons congress

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