July 6, 2022

1948 is a leap year beginning on Thursday, January 1.

In brief

20 - 27 February: Prague coup. May 14 and 15: Independence of the State of Israel and start of the Arab-Israeli war of 1948-1949. June 24: start of the blockade of Berlin. June 28: Tito-Stalin split. December 10: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International Relations

January 1: entry into force of the GATT. December 9: Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (adopted by the United Nations General Assembly). December 10: The United Nations General Assembly, meeting in Paris, adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



26 - 27 January: a tropical cyclone devastates Reunion. 28-29 February: riots in Accra and other towns on the Côte-de-l'Or. Kwame Nkrumah and other nationalist leaders were imprisoned briefly from March 12 to April 12. The British government is forced to implement constitutional reforms (1950). March 19: end of the strike on the Dakar-Niger railway line. April 4 - 11: rigged elections in Algeria. April 10: creation of the UPC (Union of Cameroonian Populations). She campaigns for the acquisition of immediate independence and the reunification of the two Cameroons and maintains privileged relations with the PCF. 14-15 April: general strike in Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia. May 26: Victory of the National Party in the South African general elections. The coming to power of the nationalist party in South Africa multiplies apartheid measures (separate development of races). Daniel François Malan was appointed Prime Minister on June 4 (end in 1954). Doctor Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966) will be the mastermind behind the policy which must transform South Africa into a white state. June 12: anti-Jewish riots in Tripoli. June 19: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan obtains representative institutions leading to autonomy. July 13: Agreement between the Coptic patriarchate and the Ethiopian Church. The head of the Church, the Abuna, traditionally an Egyptian appointed by the patriarch, will now be an Ethiopian, always approved by the Patriarchate, who receives the power to consecrate bishops. 22 July: trial in Antananarivo of the leaders of the MDRM. Six death sentences were pronounced (October 4), including those of deputies Raherivelo Ramamonjy and Justin Bezara. MP Rabemananjara is sentenced to forced labor for life. Those sentenced to death were pardoned on July 15, 1949.August 20: Zanzibar port dockers strike to obtain a salary increase.September 27: Léopold Sédar Senghor resigned from the SFIO.November 17: Foundation of the University of Ibadan in Nigeria .December 24: Declaration to the French National Assembly of the parliamentary group of the Overseas Independents (IOM) in favor of the “emancipation of dependent peoples from the colonial yoke”. Founded in September under the aegis of Léopold Sédar Senghor, it brings together men from different backgrounds such as Sédar Senghor (Senegal), Jean-Hilaire Aubame (Gabon) and Nazi Boni (Upper Volta), Algerians, inhabitants of French Coast of the Somalis, natives of other overseas territories (New Caledonia, India) as well as elected representatives of the French regions. They use the parliamentary maneuver to obtain economic, social and then political progress in the French colonies. Launch in Luanda of the cultural movement Vamos Descobrir Angola! by the Movimento dos Novos Intelectuais of Angola. Foundation of the Therapeutic Community of Bregbo, on the initiative of the prophet and healer harriste Albert Atcho. It developed in the 1960s in lower Ivory Coast and Ghana. America