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November 30, 2021

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René Goscinny and Jean Tabary launch The Adventures of Caliph Haroun El Poussah with his vizier Iznogoud in Record magazine. In Spain in the magazine Tio Vivo, Francisco Ibáñez launches the series 13, Rue del Percebe. In the United States in The Flash # 123, the story "Flash of Two Worlds" launches the concept of the DC Multiverse. January: Pete Ross appears in Superboy # 86. July: Beginning of the publication of the series Onkr, the abominable man of the ice in the number 475 of Journal de Mickey (July 2). October: Beginning of the publication of the Guy Lebleu series in issue 105 of Pilote (October 26). The series is signed Jean-Michel Charlier (screenplay) and Raymond Poïvet (drawings) November: In the United States, release of Fantastic Four # 1 (first appearance of the Fantastic Four), at Marvel Comics December: First appearance of the Italian witch Miss Tick, created by Carl Barks in the story Under the Sign of Midas. December: First appearance of Croesus Flairsou, recurring opponent of Balthazar Picsou created by Carl Barks in the story Full of gas.

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January 1: Mochiru Hoshisato, Japanese mangaka January 4: Arno, French designer January 26: Philippe Delaby February 8: Bruce Timm March 7: Corcal March 13: Francis Keller June 24: Séra June 25: Erroc June 30: Christopher Priest, comic book writer July 10: Claude Deberg July 30: Achdé August: Jim Meddick, comic strip author August 2: Luc Cromheecke August 20: Georges Grard September 1: Tonino Benacquista September 24: François Plisson September 30: Stanislas November 26: Félix Meynet November 30: Brian Pulido, American comic book author December 13: Philippe Francq December 25: Arthur Qwak December 31: Fabian Nicieza Births of Jay Anacleto, Steve Purcell, Dean Ormston, Jacques Azam, Bruno Bazile, Jean-Michel Beuriot, Ted Stearn, Arnaud Floc'h, Isabella Bannerman.


February 11: Kate Carew October 10: Raymond Cazanave



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