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November 30, 2021

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January 1: In Japan, animated series adaptation of the manga Astro, the little robot by Osamu Tezuka. March: In the United States, release of Tales of Suspense # 39 (first appearance of Iron Man), at Marvel Comics. July: release of Strange Tales # 110 (first appearance of Doctor Strange), at Marvel Comics. September: release of Avengers # 1 (first appearance of the Avengers, bringing together Thor, Iron-Man, Hulk, Ant-Man and The Wasp), at Marvel Comics. September: release of X-Men # 1 (first appearance of the X-Men), at Marvel Comics. Resumption of the Zig et Puce series by Greg, who will stop it in 1969. Pilot goes badly, René Goscinny and Jean-Michel Charlier are appointed editor-in-chief, responsible for relaunching the newspaper. Appearance of Lieutenant Blueberry and Achille Talon in Pilot. In Spain in DDT magazine, Francisco Ibáñez launches the El botones Sacarino series.

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January 5: Philippe Bercovici, French designer (Les Femmes en blanc); January 15: Baloo, Belgian author (John Doe, Les Couzes); February 12: Hugues Labiano March 4: Franck Tacito, French designer and screenwriter; March 13: Johannes Roussel March 14: Jean-Luc Masbou, French designer, screenwriter and colorist (De cape et de crocs, L'Ombre de l'Échafaud); March 27: Jean-Pierre Duffour April 5: Laurent Hirn, French designer (Le Pouvoir des innocents); May 23: Mike Deodato Jr., comic book artist June 24: Mike Wieringo, comic book writer June 24: Denis Rodier, illustrator and author of Quebec comics; July 24: Colleen Doran, comic book writer (A Distant Soil) July 28: Gag (André Gagnon), Quebec scriptwriter, designer and colorist; August 7: Aleksandar Zograf August 14: Christophe Arleston, French screenwriter (Lanfeust de Troy, Léo Loden, Les Naufragés d'Ythaq…). October 7: Bruno Bertin October 23: Eric Shanower, comic book author November 10: Sylvain Chomet, comic book author and animated film director December 29: Dave McKean British designer and screenwriter Births of Rifo, Sam Kieth, Daniel Casanave, Olivier Fiquet, Thomas Frisano, Jean-Claude Götting, Frank M. Young, Olivier Fiquet.




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