22 november


November 30, 2021

November 22 is the 326th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the 327th in the case of a leap year. There are 39 days left until the end of the year. It was generally the 2nd day of the month of frimaire in the French Republican / Revolutionary calendar, officially called the day of turnep (fodder beet). November 21 - November 22 - November 23


9th century

845: Battle of Ballon.

14th century

1307: fulmination of the bubble Pastoralis præminentiæ, ordering the arrest of the members of the Order of the Temple.

16th century

1574: discovery of the Juan Fernández archipelago.

18th century

1718: Battle of Ocracoke Island.

19th century

1809: end of the battle of Sankt Leonhard in Passeier, during the Tyrol rebellion. 1831: the canuts take possession of Lyon. 1883: coronation of Ranavalona III, queen of Madagascar.

20th century

1918: the city of Strasbourg becomes French again. the King of the Belgians Albert I returns to Brussels. abdication of the Grand Duke Frederick II of Baden, and of Prince Gonthier-Victor de Schwarzbourg. 1934: start of the Abyssinian crisis. 1940: Greek forces take Korçë, during the Italo-Greek war. 1943: opening of the conference in Cairo, Egypt. Lebanon proclaims its independence. An unwritten national pact institutes a denominational political system to maintain the balance between 18 communities. 1955: test of the RDS-37, the first Soviet H-bomb. 1963: assassination of John F. Kennedy. 1967: United Nations Security Council resolution 242 on the Middle East. Withdrawal of the armed forces of Israel from territories occupied in the recent conflict of the Six Day War, in exchange for peace and recognition of Israel. 1974: The United Nations General Assembly grants observer status to the PLO. 1975: Juan Carlos I is proclaimed King of Spain. 1990: Margaret Thatcher resigns from the post of British Prime Minister.

21st century

2003: attack on a DHL flight in Baghdad. 2005: the CDU having won legislative elections, the president of this Christian Democratic political party Angela Merkel, a physicist and pastor's daughter educated in ex-R.D.A., becomes Chancellor of Germany the first woman to hold this office. 2013: formation of the Islamic Front, during the Syrian civil war. 2017: sentence to life imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity, of Ratko Mladić, nicknamed "the Butcher of the Balkans" by the ICTY. 2020: in Burkina Faso, the presidential election takes place to elect the head of state. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré was reelected in the first round. Legislative elections take place simultaneously.

Arts, culture and religion

498: Symmaque and Laurent are elected pope and antipope respectively. 1928: creation of the Boléro by Maurice Ravel. 1947: Antonin Artaud records, for French Broadcasting, To End the Judgment of God. 1963: the Beatles release the album With The Beatles. 1968: They release an album without a full name, better known under the name of "white album" (The white album). 2010: Kanye West releases the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Science and technology

Economy and society

1908: the Congress of Monastir standardizes and unifies the Albanian alphabet. 1966: the Situationist International publishes the pamphlet De la misère en milieu students. 1977: first Paris-New York commercial link for the European Concorde supersonic aircraft.


15th century

1428: Richard Neville, English politician († April 14, 1471). 1458: Jacob Obrecht, Dutch composer († 1505).

16th century

1515: Marie de Guise, Queen of Scots, mother of Marie Stuart († June 10, 1560).

17th century

1602: Elisabeth of F

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