June 23


July 5, 2022

June 23 is the 174th day of the year of the Gregorian calendar, 175th when it is a leap year, then there are 191 left. Its equivalent was usually 5 Messidor of the French Republican/Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as day of the mule (the equine). June 22 - June 23 - June 24


3rd century

229: Sun Quan proclaims himself emperor (royal then imperial dynasty of Western Wu).

12th century

1101: capture of Ankara by Lombard troops during the relief crusades. 1180: First Battle of Uji in Japan.

14th century

1305: Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge. 1314: Battle of Bannockburn.

16th century

1520: communion side by side of the two kings, France's François I and England's Henry VIII, in an improvised chapel in one night, near the Camp du Cloth d'Or. 1528: François Ier attends the Parisian fire on the eve of Saint-Jean, fascinated, like all the spectators, by the leaps made by the cats that have been locked in a bag thrown into the heart of the fire, but do not like this vain cruelty, him the great hunter of stags, wild boars... even Protestant heretics. 1565: fall of Fort Saint-Elme during the siege of Malta.

18th century

1757: Battle of Plassey.

19th century

1894: creation of the International Olympic Committee.

20th century

1915: start of the first battle of the Isonzo. 1961: Entry into force of the Antarctic Treaty. 1974: creation of the canton of Jura, 26th canton of the Swiss Confederation. 1988: NASA's chief climatologist James E. Hansen reveals global warming by greenhouse effect in front of US senators. 1991: Coronation of Harald V as King of Norway. 1997: creation of the kingdom of L'Anse Saint-Jean dissolved three years later.

21st century

2016: referendum on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (“brexit”). An agreement between the government and the FARC puts an end to the Colombian armed conflict. 2020: an election is taking place in Malawi to elect the President of the Republic, following that of 2019, which was strongly contested by the opposition and then canceled in early February 2020 by the Constitutional Court. This election, initially set for May 19, was postponed for a month due to the voluntary lack of preparation on the part of the outgoing government. Opponent Lazarus Chakwera wins the election.

Arts, culture and religion

964: deposition of Pope Benedict V by Emperor Otho I. 1993: inauguration of an Olympic museum in Lausanne. 1996: Pope John Paul II beatifies priests Karl Leisner and Bernhard Lichtenberg. 2006: opening to the public of the musée du quai Branly, which has since been associated with the name of its main initiator, the French President of the Republic Jacques Chirac.

Science and technology

1802: German scientific geographer Alexander von Humboldt and French botanist Aimé Bonpland become the tallest men in the world with their scientific ascent of the Chimborazo volcano. 1905: first flight of the Wright Flyer III. 1925: First ascent of Canada's highest point, Mount Logan.

Economy and Society

1948: the Soviets decide on a monetary reform for their German zone of occupation and "Greater Berlin", while the Western mark becomes the currency of payment in the three other Allied sectors. 1968: a movement of panic causes the death of 71 spectators in the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires. 1985: A bomb destroys Air India Flight 182, killing all 329 people on board. 1993: the American Loreena Bobbitt mutilates her violent husband by cutting off his virile member while they are bedridden, flees and throws the "device" which will be found in the wild and then sewn up; the woman will be interned and then acquitted. 2001: an earthquake of