24 avril


May 21, 2022

April 24 is the 114th day of the year of the Gregorian calendar in which there are then 251 others, including when it is a leap year when it becomes 115th. Its equivalent was usually the 5th day of the month of Floréal in the French Republican/Revolutionary calendar, officially referred to as day of the nightingale (the bird). April 23 - April 24 - April 25


11th century

1011: King Rodolphe III of Burgundy makes a large donation to his wife Hermengarde of Savoy, of land that will ultimately go to the queen's brother and probable future Count of Savoy Humbert I to the White Hands (980-1048).

16th century

1512: Soliman, son of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I, becomes Vali Ahad (crown prince).[ref. necessary] 1515: the military troop of King François I, of the pregnant Queen Claude, and of the regent mother Louise of Savoy, leaves Paris for a new military campaign in Italy (towards Marignan). The women will stop before the border. 1541: Battle of Sahart, between the Sultanate of Adal and the Ethiopian Empire. 1547: Battle of Muehlberg, between the League of Smalkalde and Charles V. 1558: the future king of France François II, then still dolphin, becomes king consort of Scotland, by marrying Marie Stuart.

17th century

1611: The Roman College confirms to Cardinal Robert Bellarmine that Galileo's observations are correct.

18th century

1723: Major Abraham Davel, soldier and patriot from Vaud, is executed by the Bernese, occupants of the Pays de Vaud. 1791: following the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, first election of priests in new parishes. [ref. necessary] 1793: the Revolutionary Tribunal acquits Marat. 1800: The Library of Congress, the largest in the world, is founded by US President John Adams in Washington.

19th century

1809: Battle of Volano, during the War of the Fifth Coalition and the Tyrolean Rebellion. 1815: beginning of the second Serbian revolt against the Turks, taking place until 1817, and mainly led by Miloš Obrenović, finally ending with the autonomy of Serbia. 1854: marriage of Elisabeth of Wittelsbach known as “Sissi” to François-Joseph I of Austria. 1877: Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (Russo-Turkish War). 1898: Spain declares war on the United States (Spanish-American War).

20th century

1913: inauguration in Manhattan of the tallest skyscraper in the world until 1930, the Woolworth Building (241 meters). 1915: roundup of Armenian personalities from Constantinople. This event marks the beginning of the genocide of the Armenians by Turkey, which will make between 800,000 and 1.5 million dead, according to estimates. 1916: in Ireland, beginning of the Easter insurrection in Dublin, it ends on April 29 with the unconditional surrender of the insurgents. 1918: first tank battle in history, at Villers-Bretonneux, between British Mark IVs and German A7Vs (World War I). 1920: creation of Mandatory Palestine, during the San Remo conference. 1926: signing of the Berlin Treaty between Germany and the USSR. 1951: France legalizes bullfighting, through an amendment to the Grammont law. 1955: end of the Bandung conference. The Non-Aligned Movement condemns colonialism, racism and the Cold War. 1957: reopening of the Suez Canal, by the first United Nations Emergency Force, at the end of the Suez War. 1968: Mauritius joins the United Nations as a state. 1981: multi-party system without restrictions in Senegal. 1990: Gruinard Island is accessible again, after military contamination with anthrax dating from 1942. 1993: Bishopsgate bombing, by the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

21st century

2001: Jun'ich